Year of the Byrds 4/52

FOUR weeks into the new year already. So crazy.

(I promise that the novelty of how fast time seems to be moving will wear off eventually and I will start these posts without mentioning it)

Saturday was Gamma’s last full day with us and we packed it full. We started off on a sunrise hike in Hawaii Kai and were treated to a show by nature’s best ballerinas – the whales!  So awesome. Next, we hit up Boots and Kimo’s for breakfast (hello, delicious) and then took a nice, scenic drive back to town. 

image1 (2)

We had planned to go to the beach once we got to Kahala but ended up stopping at my Auntie’s and getting “stuck” there in the backyard with a couple of these:

image2 (1)

No one was mad. 

At some point in the afternoon, we walked over to Whole Foods, picked up some deliciousness and cooked it up in the backyard. It was simple and delicious, just the way I like it. 

After dinner, we walked down to the beach for the sunset. The real show stopper was the moon rise though. SO beautiful. Of course, iPhoneograpy doesn’t do it any justice so I wont even share those photos here. Just one of Gamma and Simon Earl. Sash, CB and Kona too 😉

image3 (1)

Gamma left on Sunday and things got back to normal. 

For about 12 seconds. 

I started feeling sick Sunday night. Just in time for Alex to be going back to work in the morning and for me to be alone with the babies. (#momlife) I powered through the day, had a lot of help from Alex as soon as he got home (he’s the best) and felt good enough on Tuesday to take Lyla to her swim class. 


That afternoon, both Simon Earl and Lyla had appointments at our pediatrician. Both involving shots. (note to self: don’t do them on the same day ever again)

In true Natasha fashion, I overdid it and ended up feeling sick again that night. 

Sick mama + two babies having less-than-favorable reactions to their shots = not our finest day. But we made it. With lots of snuggles and Disney movies. 


Lyla is still battling a low grade fever but other than that, we are getting back into our groove and we are all so very happy it’s the weekend. 



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