Year of the Byrds 2/52

This week FLEW by, didn’t it? Between playdates and swim lessons and spending as much time as possible outdoors (the weather has been an absolute dream lately) I didn’t find much time to open my computer but I did spend some time brainstorming new content for this space so make sure to stop by in the next few weeks for that!

But, until then, here’s a peek at life with the Byrds this week:

IMG_0737 IMG_0702

On Saturday morning Simon and I headed to church for One Creative Day – a training program for all of the children’s ministry volunteers. I’ve been serving on Sunday nights with AWANA and am now going to be helping out in the nursery during one of the Sunday services. The training was so much fun and Simon was his usual well behaved self. While we were busy there, Lyla and Alex got to have a sweet daddy/daughter date at the zoo. 

When we met back up, we headed to the beach for some family time. Clearly, Lyla was thrilled. (really, she was)IMG_0745IMG_0756IMG_0752IMG_0775IMG_0776IMG_0807

Sunday morning we all went to church and then headed home for a picnic lunch at the beach. It was so nice. I think it may have to turn into a weekly thing. Alex has been super busy at work lately and still continues to be a rock star at home by helping me with the kids and chores so, on Sunday night, I took both of the kids to AWANA with me and left him to enjoy some peace and quiet. 

It was so much fun watching Lyla at AWANA. She hung out with the older kids during the opening ceremony/worship time and she made herself right at home by clapping and dancing along with everyone else. At one point she realized that she wasn’t standing on the line with the rest of the clubbers and quickly scooted her tiny self in between two kids. Precious.

During counsel time, I dropped her off in the nursery where she colored pictures of Adam and “Ella”. Cinderella was in the Garden of Eden, right?

IMG_0846 IMG_0882 IMG_0893 IMG_0905

We started Lyla in swim lessons on Tuesday which we are all really excited about. After her lesson, we picked up Simon and headed straight to Aulani to celebrate with more swimming (and a Mickey ice cream sandwich for good measure). 

IMG_0840 IMG_0913 IMG_0930 IMG_0931IMG_0820

We really are blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Have a great weekend, folks!

Week 2/52

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