three days

I am exhausted.

We spent our entire weekend (plus Friday) moving into our new place. As I’m sure you know, moving takes forrreeevvvveerrrr. It takes even longer when you have a baby to entertain. Thankfully, we had lots of extra helping hands to help the move go smoothly.

Technically, the little blue house is still ours for three more days. (which is good because the dishwasher and fridge are still full)

Our new place is coming along well. It’s quaint and charming. I can’t wait to fill it up with memories.

As Alex and I drove away tonight, we shared with each other some of our favorite memories from our house on Erne. Even though we had more life there without Lyla than with, we realized that our favorite memories revolved around her.

So it’s only fitting that I share with you today her nursery. Except, I’m pressed for time because of the move so today you will only get small pieces of the room. The way that it looked this morning before we made another trip to the new place. The quick pictures I could grab on my phone.


image (1) copy


image (1)


image (3)

When I think about it, everything in her nursery is coming to the new house.

Like her little white crib. And the rocking chair that Alex made for us. The basket that is over-flowing with stuffed animals. The itty-bitty clothes hanging in the closet. The dream-catcher hanging in the middle of the room. Her books.

Those four walls hold so much love. Not just from us, or from the time we spent in there reading books before bedtime. But the love from our family and friends who helped us welcome our  sweet baby girl.

All of her things are coming with us. So is the love. And I am so thankful for that.

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