the worst thing about having a baby

It’s so hard for me to believe that next month we are going to have a walking, (sort of) talking ONE YEAR OLD in the house.

After we announced my pregnancy, we were flooded with congratulations.  But once the excitement wore off, the warnings quickly started rolling in. 

“Enjoy your sleep now, there wont be much of that soon!”

“Say goodbye to nice things”

“Life as you know it is OVER”

We were warned about sleepless nights and about the stresses a newborn can put on your marriage. We were warned that our free time was going to become extinct once the baby arrived. We were warned that things were about to get messy. And stinky.

And all those warnings were spot on.

The sleepless nights are still going strong and that is hard. Sometimes, the lack of rest gets to me and I am less than patient with my husband which is totally unfair. Our free time has been limited to Lyla’s nap time and usually involves speed cleaning the living room or folding the mountain of laundry without Lyla’s “help”.

Life doesn’t look the same as it used to. It’s harder and more complicated. But the worst thing about having a baby is definitely that she has to get older.

Sure, those long nights are frustrating and cleaning up the living room seven thousand times per day stars to wear on a mama but I honestly wouldn’t trade where our family is at right now for the world. 

byrds on a hike

Sometimes the thought of her getting older is truly unbearable.

Each month Alex and I find ourselves saying “yea, this is definitely the best age”. Everyday she is learning and growing so much. She is joyous and curious. She is healthy and strong. She is more than we could have ever dreamed of for our child.

We want her to continue to grow and to prosper. To continue to explore her world with the excitement and wonder that is so special and inspiring. But we also want her to stay little. Our sweet Lyla bean. 

The days and nights are long, but the years are SO short. It seems like she is flying through stages and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. 

We, along with parents everywhere, are stuck in this classic parental conundrum and I don’t see a way out. No matter what we do, our children are going to get older. They are going to sit under our wing and learn the ways of the world and when they’re ready (which is undoubtedly earlier than we will be ready) they are going to fly. 

Yes, it’s sad that they have to grow old. That we can’t keep them snuggled up with us for the next eighteen years (or..ahem, forever). That we wont always be their favorite people. It’s weird to think that her favorite word wont always be “zebra” and that one day, twirling around the living room with mom to the ‘hot dog dance’ isn’t going to be cool anymore.

But if that is the worst part about having a baby, then I guess it’s safe to say that being a parent rocks

mama and lyla

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  1. I totally agree. Every stage has been so much fun and the more independent she gets I beam with pride, yet feel like crying because my baby girl is growing up.

    Being a parent is rough! ❤️

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