The View From Here Is Magnificent

So there is this special little place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that my family is kind of obsessed with. It’s an eighty acre piece of land dotted with old trucks, two barns, a log cabin and a 100-year old brick house.

aerial pharm shot

We call it “the Pharm”.

And it’s magical. 

For as long as I can remember, my grandparents have lived on the Pharm. I’ve always spent my summers there with my cousins and I absolutely love that even though most of us are grown, we all still make the pilgrimage there around the 4th of July to get our fix of Paradise. 

group shot

^ not even close to all of us, but a good shot

Oh, I didn’t mention that? Yea, the Pharm is on Paradise Road. So perfect. 

Time seems to stand still at the Pharm. Sure, my grandparents have made changes to the house over the years. They’ve built a new barn, rearranged the living room furniture a few times, built a new deck and installed a fire pole in the house (no joke) but somehow everything still seems to stay the same. 


The basement has smelled the same my whole life. It’s a wonderful smell, in case you were wondering, that my cousins and I look forward to smelling all year long. 

The couch is always housing somebody for a mid-morning, afternoon, or evening nap. 

The table is always set with the same orange, green and blue tupperware cups filled with ice cold milk or Faygo Cream Soda. 

The house is always filled with Grampa’s deep, booming voice as he asks us over and over “are you listening!?”


And in recent years, my dad got a place down the street which is equally as magical. The driveway is lined with the most perfect tunnel of trees that you can’t help but feel like you are in a movie every time you drive through. There is a beautiful pond in the backyard that perfectly mirrors the endless sky above. There is almost always a bonfire burning in the distance, begging for s’more making to happen. 

lyla pond

It excites me to know that my children will grow up visiting both of these places. They will have their own memories of summers spent on Paradise. Memories filled with the sights, sounds and smells of summer. So, so good. 


Where is your happy place?

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