Year of the Byrds 34/52

Soooo I haven’t posted a “Year of the Byrds” update since week 16. My goodness. 

(I have, however, been emailing myself photos for the past eighteen weeks. I’ll get around to posting them…eventually)

Life has been very, very good to us. This week was no exception. 


Started off the week catching the sunrise with my favorite son 😉

IMG_3307 IMG_3313

Hit up one of our favorite beaches on Saturday. 

IMG_3355 IMG_3362 IMG_3364 IMG_3377

Lots of fun with friends in our neighborhood.

IMG_3398 IMG_3403 IMG_3419

A coffee farm excursion.

IMG_3486 IMG_3556 IMG_3567

More playing.


More beach.


And a special dinner at Monkeypod to welcome home these boys 🙂


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Year of the Byrds 16/52

Happy Aloha Friday, y’all!

We kicked off our week with a donut picnic on the lanai…


…Lyla was a big helper with Simon Earl…


…we spent a few rainy mornings at home…


…and serenaded all of Target with Lyla’s rendition of “Let It Go”…


…we played with our friends at Miss Mary’s music class…


…Simon Earl kept me company while I tried to catch up on some cleaning…


…my car’s battery died and Alex saved the day…


…Lyla pretended to be “night night” a billion times…


…we went to a horse rescue and had SO much fun (more on this later)…

170 172

…Simon let me know how he feels about selfies…


…and had some quality time with Mickey…


…and daddy…


…and we had some special mama/baby time at the coffee farm.

175 176 177

God is so, so good. 


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Year of the Byrds 14/52

Lisa and Kyle get here tomorrow. 

Here as in Hawaii.

The Sargents.

In our house.



I’m so excited for my favorite Georgia peaches to be visiting us this week! I’ve been not so patiently counting the days until their arrival since they booked their tickets in December. I wasn’t sure if the last week was going to be the fastest (because I had a million things to do) or  the slowest (because I’m so excited) week ever. 

Turned out to be the fastest. 



We started out our week with the most untraditional of Easters. My cousin, Hokulea, was in a big soccer tournament (who schedules a tournament Easter weekend?!) so instead of our usual sunrise service at the beach we all met up at the field and cheered her on to victory! (and stuffed our faces with McDonalds – whoops)





Monday came and the weather was just too beautiful not to be at the beach, so we hit the Ko’Olina lagoons with Uncle Trey. He built that awesome Mickey head since we were at the lagoon that backs up to the Aulani property. #unofficialhiddenmickey Simon Earl loved splashing in the water with mom and Lyla loved feeding Simon Earl sunscreen. (kidding, mother)


On Tuesdays my auntie watches dem babies for a few hours so I can have some “me” time. Apparently, “me” time usually involves breakfast food and a good book. Two weeks in a row and I’m not mad 😉


Simon Earl AKA chunk master AKA the cutest 4 month old I ever did see had his checkup this week. He’s 26 inches long and just under 16 pounds – the same numbers Lyla checked in with at her nine month appointment. Big boy is big. He is happy and healthy as can be – praise God!


This little munchkin is non-stop fun. Her favorite trick this week is to pretend to be asleep. Except, in this photo she actually is sleeping. With a t-shirt that she turned into a skirt. After bouncing in her crib for 30 minutes singing “Let It Go” at the top of her lungs, just loving life. You can’t make this stuff up. 



Right before Alex calls to tell me he’s on his way home from work, my kids catch a case of the crazies. Everyday. So to pass the time until dad gets home, I load them up in the stroller and just cruise the neighborhood. I love my view 😉

Have a great weekend!!



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Year of the Byrds 13/52

Week thirteen AKA Lyla’s dream week. We played hard this week and she loved every minute of it. 


We decorated eggs at our neighborhood’s Easter event…


… and met bunnies at the library…

10 9

…we played at the playground…

13 12

…a lot…

daiy3 dairy4 dairy2 dairy

…we visited a dairy farm…


…checked out the monk seal hanging on our beach…


…took a few sink baths…


…Dad gave Simon his first (successful) bottle…

chuck2 chuck1

…and we went to Chuck E. Cheese. 

Tired yet?


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Year of the Byrds 12/52

“It’s Aloha Friday, no work till Monday. Doo be doo, doo doo be, doo be doo be doo be doo!” We had an awesome week but I am so happy that it’s the weekend – I love me some special family time. 

Here’s a peek at our last week…

garage sale

We participated in our neighborhood’s big garage sale morning on Saturday. Auntie brought some of her stuff to sell too. I made a whopping five dollars, and I think she made eight. Luckily, we were able to drop our leftovers off at a donation site and the money they make with it will go towards the elementary school so it wasn’t a total bust. Plus, it feels great to have all of those treasures out of our house. 


Simon Earl started sitting! This isn’t the best picture I’ve ever taken but Simon’s little face is too cute not to share. 


Vanilla chia seed pudding is bae. That is all.


The clouds this week were E P I C. How great is our God?!


Shopped so hard we closed down the Costco lane. 


Our double jogger has been a lifesaver this week. We all get a little stir crazy in the late afternoon when we are waiting for Alex to get home so going for long walks/jogs helps a lot!


Ohhhh my sweet boy. 


There is a standing playdate at our neighborhood beach on Thursday mornings. So nice to have some social time out in the sun. 


This little beach bum and his big ol’ belly. 


Of course, we had green beer on St. Patrick’s Day! With a side of corned beef sandwiches 😉

Have a great weekend! 


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Year of the Byrds 11/52

So far this year it seems like each week gets busier and busier. I’m not really sure if we are actually busier or if it just feels that way because of my lack of sleep, but either way we are having a great time! 

This week we surfed…

year of the byrds year of the byrds year of the byrds

…and ran errands with Mr. Smiles…

year of the byrds

…and had a fun play date at the zoo…

year of the byrds year of the byrds year of the byrds

…and watched Lyla graduate from swim school…

year of the byrds

…and cozied up on the couch (it’s been cold this week)…year of the byrds

…and enjoyed meals with our special visitors Mimi and Ms. Katie…

year of the byrds year of the byrds


Tired yet? No? Must just be me. 

Have a good weekend!


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