seven days

Today marks the start of our last week in the little blue house.

When I turned in our notice to vacate back at the beginning of the month, I comforted myself with the fact that we still had a month left. I never could have imagined how fast that month would go.

I’m really going to miss our carport. I know that it seems like a pretty weird thing to miss, but as I sat down to think about my favorite parts of our house that one popped into my head almost immediately.


I loved sitting against the carport on random, winter days trying to warm up in beautiful, Hawaiian sun. (I could use a “cold” winter day right about now)


I love the little bird feeder that we hung from the carport. We picked the one that looked like a little red barn because it reminded us of the pharm. We haven’t had any seed in there for months but I still catch birds chillin’ there from time to time which makes me happy.

pregnancy photo - week 14

The biggest reason that I love the carport is because it served as the backdrop for my weekly pregnancy pictures. It seems like it was yesterday, not a year ago, that we stepped outside to take our first photo of my growing belly. We started them at week 14, when we made the news of our growing family public. I thought I was showing big time in that picture — so funny.

pregnancy photo week 40

From weeks 14 to 40 I marched waddled out into the yard and lined up against the carport to see how much my belly had grown. It was so much fun to check the progress from week to week. I love looking back at these pictures. Especially week 40 because just three days later, miss Lyla made her grand entrance.

When I look at these pictures, all sorts of emotions come flooding back to me. Excitement. Anxiety. Impatience. Love.

I look at this picture and laugh because I had NO idea how hard my world was going to be rocked. No idea how much love I would have for our tiny human. No idea how hard labor was going to be. No idea that my love and respect for Alex could grow the astronomical amounts that it did. No idea how fun it was going to be to be a mommy.

newborn baby

We were home from the hospital by the time Lyla’s due date rolled around so, of course, we had to grab one more shot in front of the carport. It was hot that day, and in total new mama-bear fashion I was afraid of keeping my nugget in the sun for too long.I was bummed that I still looked six months pregnant (really, I don’t know what I was expecting). I was exhausted in only a way a new parent can be – so exhausted that I gave her an extra inch on this announcement (whoops!).

I’m sure that I will want document our future pregnancies in a similar fashion and when that time comes, hopefully I can find as good a background as our trusty, blue carport.

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