Waimanalo Beach with Uncle and SwimZip

In the week leading up to our big trip to the mainland we spent a lot of time with my brother (AKA Uncle) cruising the island and hitting all of our favorite spots. 

[If you didn’t know, Uncle had been living here on Oahu for the past year but recently decided to go back to the mainland to finish school.]

Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach is one of my favorites on the island. The mountain views are unreal, the water is the bluest of blues and the sand is so nice and soft. Just a little slice of heaven here on earth

On this particular morning, it was pretty windy and we were getting sprinkled on here and there but it was still just as magical as we wanted it to be. 
lyla swimzip waimanaloSprinkles or shine, I take sun protection very seriously, especially for my kids which is one of the reasons I love SwimZip products. Their rash guards have UPF 50+ Sun Protection, have an awesome zipper in the front which makes it super easy to put on (am I the only one who thinks my kids’ heads are huge?!) AND are super cute. What’s not to love, right?

swimzip waimanalo

While Uncle and Lyla played in the waves, Simon and I hung out on the beach. And by hung out on the beach, I mean I was an obnoxious mom and put him in the grass for some photos. 

waimanalo baby

Admit it, you wouldn’t have been able to resist either. 
waimanalo baby toes(Simon isn’t repping SwimZip here but they do have tons of cute options for boys. Which one do you think would look cutest on him?!)

Before calling it a day, we spent some time on the giant rope swing. 

waimanalo beach swingwaimanalo beach swingwaimanalo beach swing

SwimZip isn’t just for kids! They have products for women and men as well as sun hats and fun circle towels. (seriously, how cool is the world one?!)

I know that I have a pretty long wish list going…what would be on yours?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Halloween Carnival

Last weekend, the preschool in our neighborhood put on a Halloween carnival. Our little garden gnome had the best time checking out all the costumes, dancing to the music and petting the farm animals. 

The carnival was down by the lagoon where there just happens to be a playground so, of course, that is where we ended up. Lyla loves a slide. 











It’s hard to believe that our outings as a family of three are numbered. Can’t wait to meet our little guy soon. 

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California Recap

Happy Monday, folks! I hope you all had a good weekend. We spent the last few days house hunting, trying to finally fight off this bug that we’ve been carrying around since we got home and dreaming about endless buffets of food.

Oh, I guess that last part was just me.

Baby boy must be having a big growth spurt because I have been SO hungry lately and never really feel satisfied after a meal. I’m trying not to give into the urges too often but really wish that I could go to a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. Can someone make that happen?

Anyways – I didn’t come here to talk about buffets, I came to tell you all about the California portion of our trip! 

We started off in Fallbrook with some of Alex’s family. His Grampa Earl was celebrating his ninetieth birthday so we all gathered at Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob’s for delicious dinner and fun family time. 




Next up was Disneyland with Mimi! We stayed at the Anaheim Magestic Hotel which was awesome — I totally recommend it (not sponsored by them or anything, just really pleased with our stay)

At the risk of sounding like “that girl” I have to confess that I love Disneyland and taking my daughter for the first time was so much fun! She really soaked it all in and, even though she wont remember this trip, I know that she enjoyed herself.

Her highlight? Definitely watching Disney Junior – Live on Stage. Her mouth was open in shock the entire time as she watched some of her favorite characters up on stage. I’m going to say her least favorite were the fireworks — kinda scary for a tired toddler (but a great show for everyone else)




^girlfriend don’t play at a buffet ūüėČ


After Disneyland, we made our way up to our old stomping grounds in Ventura County. We spent some time in Ojai, hit up the beach and Ventura Pier, and ate lunch at our favorite Mexican food place. It was so great to be able to get the cousins together and to spend time with Alex’s side of the family. I even got to squeeze in breakfast with my good friend, Beth ūüôā


11 12

13 14

^ Aren’t they cute? Little Grant and Lyla are only one week apart ūüôā


We finished up the trip at a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Congratulations to John and Lauren! 

wedding1 wedding2

It’s always hard when we get to the mainland because there is never enough time to time to see everyone and do everything but I feel like we did a good job this trip. Looking forward to next time!


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summer vacation


The Byrds are heading to the mainland.

We have a long list of loved ones to visit while we spend time in Michigan and California – almost as long as the list of food we want to eat that we can’t get in Hawaii (you think I’m joking) – and are looking forward to all of it!

It might be quiet on the blog front for a few days but I’ll be sure to post updates when I can. You can also follow along on Instagram if you find yourself missing us that much ūüėČ

Until then, here is a peek at our Michigan trip last year. 

Byrdmom, out! 

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hawaii eats | kailua town pub & grill

The Kailua Town Pub & Grill has been on my radar for a while now. Back in August, our sweet friends Beth and Tyler were in town from California and we had planned to spend an afternoon wine tasting together in Kailua. We arrived a little too early for our reservation so we decided to pop into the cute little pub next door and grab a drink while we waited.

Kailua Town Pub & Grill

We took a seat in the bar area and I almost immediately fell in love with the place. The interior was dark but comfortable. There were plenty of TVs around to keep my husband happy on a Sunday afternoon (hello, football) without me feeling like we were at a straight up sports bar. The wait staff was friendly and attentive. There was a large selection of beers on tap, including some of my local favorites. We only had time for drinks, but all of the food that was being brought out around us looked and smelled amazing so Alex & I vowed to come back.

kailua town pub & grill

Fast forward a few months. I have started dancing hula and my class is held on Wednesday nights in Kailua. Right next to the pub. Perfect, yea?!

We decided to check it out this week with some of our family and friends (aka Team Sharkbait)

kailua town pub & grill menu

We had a bigger group this time, including baby girl, so we took a seat on the “grill” side. The atmosphere was still the same as what we experienced in the bar — dark, comfortable and with ample TV screens.

kailua pub fish and chips

Alex and I decided to split the English Fish and Chips¬†¬†— Samuel Adams draught beer battered fish served with Island fries, malt vinegar and tartar sauce ($10.95) — and were very happy. The fish was perfectly cooked with a nice, light batter. I’m not sure that there was anything that made the fries “island” fries except for the fact that they were served on an island?! That’s ok, they were still good.

I had a glass (ok, two) of Widmer Hefeweizen and Alex had a Rogue Dead Guy Ale .

kailua pub and grill

At our table were a few more orders of the fish & chips, a pizza, salmon and a burger with all the fixin’s. We all left with happy bellies. And [alert: sappy mom moment ahead] I left with a happy heart because¬†I got to stare at these two faces the whole time…

kailua pub and grill

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves. We plan on visiting again!

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Breakfast at Hula Grill

Today is a pretty special day. No, it’s not my birthday nor is it our anniversary. But it is a Sunday – and I’m off! This never happens. To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I know some of you are reading this and thinking “so what, you are off on a Sunday, big deal”. But like I said before, this never happens and I’m feeling like a “real” person (haha)

So I did what any “real” person does on any given Sunday – I went to brunch ! After a few quick errands that we needed to take care of, Alex and I headed to Waikiki to have brunch at Hula Grill which was a first for both of us.

Alex at Hula Grill

We pulled up to the Outrigger hotel, valeted the truck and made our way upstairs. We were quickly seated with an awesome view of the (rather flat) ocean and Diamond Head.



Alex ordered the kalua pork hash and I went with the crab & spinach omelette.

kalua pork hash


spinach and crab omlette

I love spending sweet mornings with my husband. Pair that with breakfast, which is easily my favorite meal of the day, and you have one happy lady.


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