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“No more shit”

It’s a running joke in our household. When I was pregnant with Lyla, and in full nesting mode, our house suddenly seemed like it was filled with shit stuff. I was constantly organizing, re-organizing and then re-re-organizing our belongings. I must have made seventeen billion trips to Goodwill before I felt like I even made a dent.

“No more shit” had become my motto. And it was working for awhile.

When we moved to our new place, we downsized a lot and it felt oh so good. Pretty much everything had a place, we were organized and mama was happy. Nothing feels better than a clean, organized living space – amirightpeople?!


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As it always seems to do, life kept happening. And when life happens, clutter happens.

We all have the clutter. I bet even my girl Martha has a kitchen drawer that is in some serious need of organizing.

Clutter sucks, so let’s all start off the new year getting rid of it!

I’ve created a de-clutter calendar for myself (and you) to follow through the first month of 2015. Each day has a task that will help you get your house in tip-top shape for 2015. Most days, the tasks are simple and shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes.

download it here: De-clutter calendar

Since chores are always more fun with a friend, you can follow along and share your progress using #clutterisforthebyrds

Print out the calendar, hang it on your fridge, and get to cleaning, people!

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