Bringing Baby to the Beach

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Summertime has arrived here in Hawaii and we are finding ourselves at the beach more than ever.

Yes, even with a newborn.

For a little while, our tradition of surfing on Thursday nights with friends was the only beach time we were fitting in each week but as the temperatures are rising we have been trading in our park days for beach days and squeezing in weekend trips too.

Weekend beach time is extra sweet because Alex gets to come with us.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. Packing up (what feels like) the entire house, loading it – and the kids – into the van, unloading it at the beach, setting up camp, tearing down camp, bringing it all back to the van, washing off the kids, dressing the kids, taking care of the wet, sandy stuff at home (tired yet?).

But it is SO worth it.

I love watching Lyla and Simon’s confidence in the water grow. Alex took Simon out on his surfboard for the first time this week – how cool is that?

I love the quiet time that I get with Etta Rae as I sit with her in the shade.

I love seeing the smiles on the faces of my family and hearing them laugh.

I love watching Lyla and Simon play. They sit in the sand together and make “soup”. They chase birds and each other. They play peek-a-boo with their baby sister. They just have fun.

So much goodness.

I know a lot of you mamas out there will have fresh babes this summer and the thought of bringing them to the beach/pool/any body of water is daunting. Especially if you have older children too. But, mama, you can do it! Whether you are taking them solo or will have extra hands around to help, here are my “must have” items for bringing baby to the beach…

  1. Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) for the kids. My number one concern when taking the kids to the beach is safety. The first thing that I do when we get to the beach is put a Puddle Jumper® life jacket on Lyla and Simon. They both know not to go in/near the water without an adult but having them wear their Puddle Jumper® life jacket gives me peace of mind while I set up our camp. We started using the Puddle Jumper® life jacket with Lyla last summer and recently went back to Target to get Simon his own. The kids love them because they are easy to put on (just slide their arms through and clip the adjustable buckle in the back), they are comfortable (the woven polyester material makes them softer and prevents chafing) and they totally give them confidence in the water.  I love them because they have been approved by the US Coast Guard as a PFD and they have antimicrobial properties built in to resist odor causing bacteria from building up (yuck!).
  2. Designated space for baby. A playard works great at the beach because it offers you a solid surface to put baby down that is away from curious, sandy fingers. We bring a fitted crib sheet to put over the top to keep bugs and sand out and give an extra layer of sun protection.
  3. Water and snacks. Our kids (OK, fine – me too) love to snack at the beach. Taking a nice snack break in between playing and swimming usually buys us more beach time. I try to pack a healthy variety into a bunch of small containers so that if a wet, sandy hand finds its way inside we don’t lose it all.
  4. Baby powder. Even if you rinse your kids off in the ocean or the beach shower and physically carry them straight to the car, they will somehow find a way to cover themselves in sand from head to toe. To make sure you leave the beach at the beach – and to save your car from becoming a crazy, sandy mess – put some baby powder wherever the sand is stuck to your kids and it will brush right off. Seriously, magic.
  5. Water resistant blanket. If your kids are anything like mine, they will constantly be bringing you sand “ice cream cones” and treasures that they find in the water. Having a water resistant blanket helps keep your butt comfy and makes it easier to brush the sand away too 😉
  6. Re-sealable plastic bag. I make sure to have a few of these in different sizes. The sandwich size is perfect for keeping my phone safe. The gallon size makes a great diaper pail.
  7. Sun protection. Duh, right? Make sure you have sunblock and don’t forget to reapply!!
  8. Camera. Point and shoot, iPhone, DSLR, Polaroid – whatever you use, use it! Make sure to capture these special moments with your family.
  9. Baby blankets. Lots and lots of baby blankets. Because inevitably, the blankets are going to get wet/sandy/spilled on/etc. and you don’t want to wrap up baby in a dirty blanket.
  10. A giant beach bag. One big enough to throw everything inside.

If you want to pick up a Puddle Jumper® life jacket for your child this summer, you can find them at Target! They fit children 30-50 pounds and have lots of fun designs for kids.

What is your “must have” item for a trip to the beach?


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Toddler Proofing Your Home: Preparing For Life With Toddlers and A New Baby

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It’s April, people! Woohoo! I welcomed the new month with open arms as it means we are thismuch closer to Baby Byrd #3’s arrival. 

Prepping for baby the third time around is so much different than for our first and second. Instead of getting things ready for our new baby, I’ve found myself focusing more on the toddlers and things that will make my life easier while home with all three.  

Seeing as this is our third baby in three years, we have a lot of the basics covered but, one item that never made my “must have” list until now is the Diaper Genie®. Funny how having two little toddlers with wandering hands and a curiosity for every trash can in the house will push a diaper pail to the top of your list 😉

When I was pregnant with Lyla, Alex and I visited our local Babies “R” Us to create a registry so I knew that it would be the perfect place to pick up our Diaper Genie. (Pro Tips: if you are expecting your first and want to set up a registry – visit Babies “R” Us on the first Saturday of every month for their Registry 101 event. Then, once you have had your baby, head back to the store on the 3rd Tuesday of the month to receive discounts on un-purchased registry items at their Registry Completion events)

Simon had fallen asleep in the car on the way there so Alex stayed in the car with the kids while I ran in to pick up my new best friend. I headed towards the back of the store where the diapers and wipes are kept and checked out my options and ended up choosing the Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions™. This little beauty boasts the maximum odor control of the Diaper Genie systems, can hold up to fifty newborn diapers, and is customizable. Win, win, win! 

Once we got it home, Lyla immediately started trying to get the box open so I let her help me take it out and put on the Designer Fabric Sleeve. I’m a big fan of home baby products that don’t scream “this is for a baby!!!” so I really appreciate the Cream Knit patterned sleeve that I chose. 

I also really appreciate my husband who is always willing to be a hand model at a moment’s notice 😉

Now that I have a way to keep those little hands out of the stinky diaper trash, I had to think of something else to keep them busy so I put together a “busy basket”.

I loaded up one of our baskets with some of their favorite toys, a few books and snacks. I can see reloading this basket becoming pretty time consuming but I really think it will come in handy when I need them to be entertained without mom for a few minutes (like when I’m nursing). 

As soon as Simon came downstairs from his nap, he found the basket and dove right in so I think this one will work – at least for a little while. Alex suggested filling a fanny pack with snacks and small toys so that I always have a distraction on my person. I think I married a genius. 

I’m also spending some time looking around the house and designating some “high” areas where I can stash things that Alex and I might need for baby. Things like baby powder, medicines, nipple cream (me, not him), etc. We recently had an experience with a curious toddler and an open container of baby powder and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. 

Hopefully some of these things will make our transition to life with three little ones a little easier on everyone. You can discover more tips for better beginnings here. Also, make sure to follow along with Playtex on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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The Coolest Mom at the Playground

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Have I told you lately how much I love our neighborhood? Well, it’s a lot.There are about a bajillion playgrounds, a new splash zone for the kids, a ton of family-friendly activities and a great group of moms. Oh, and we are right on the beach. Yea, it rocks. 

I can probably count on one hand the number of days that we haven’t made it to the playground since moving here last year. Right after Simon Earl was born, I started running in to the same group of moms every week. After a few meet ups, they invited me to their Facebook page where we could keep in contact and set up playdates – it’s awesome. We all have kids around the same age who play well together and I truly look forward to hanging with them every week.dunkin-donuts-creamers-to-go

Having a nice group of moms to chat with while our kids play is so refreshing. I’ve really loved getting to know all of these ladies (and their babies) and have found that we have a lot of thing in common. 

Things like our love for coffee. 

Raising tiny humans is exhausting and by the time that we get out to the playground, most of us are ready for our second (or third) coffee of the day. You know, just that extra push to get us to nap time.

Earlier this week I brought some coffee and the new Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee Creamer Singles to our playdate to share which automatically earned me the title of “coolest mom at the playground” – at least for that day 😉


If you want to be the coolest mom at the playground, just remember the three c’s: coffee, cups and creamer.

  1. Set up a playdate at the local playground and show up with a big thermos filled with piping hot coffee
  2. Pour each mama a cup (extra portions for the moms with teething babies)
  3. Add a few Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee Creamer Singles to make it extra creamy and you are good to go!


You can pick up everything you need to be the coolest mom at the playground at your local Walmart – the Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee Creamer Singles can be found in the coffee aisle. 

Not a mom? No worries. Bring coffee into work and earn yourself the title of “Coolest Guy in the Office” or crown yourself “Queen of the Classroom” by sharing some liquid gold coffee with your classmates. That’s the beauty of these new single packs – you can easily bring them anywhere!

Bonus points if you bring in a box of Dunkin’ K-Cup® for the communal Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system 😉


Which flavor are you going to try?

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Three Ways to Make Beachside Diaper Changes a Breeze

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Huggies Little Swimmers Diapers

I think it’s safe to say that most toddlers don’t like getting their diapers changed. Especially if there is other fun stuff they could be doing (like playing with their friends at the splash pad or in the waves at the beach).


As a parent, I know that when you are somewhere that doesn’t have a designated changing area (like the beach) diaper changes can get a little more complicated than usual. Add a wiggly toddler to the mix and it’s easy to get frustrated. And messy. Nobody wants that.

Since we spend so much time at the beach (#luckywelivehawaii), I’ve spent some time figuring out how to make our beach days run more smoothly and have come up with three ways to make beach (or pool) side diaper changes a breeze:

1. Designate a special changing area. As soon as you get to the pool/beach, set up a towel or blanket in a designated spot and leave out changing essentials like Huggies® Little Swimmers® , wipes and any diaper creams that you may use. Having this space set up will alleviate any stress of having to round up your things AND your toddler when it’s time to do the dirty work.


2. Distractions, distractions, distractions! Give your baby something to hold – a toy, a tube of sunscreen, a Huggies® Little Swimmers® diaper– anything to take their mind off of all the fun they are missing while mom or dad takes care of business. Lyla loves Nemo and always makes sure to point him out to me on her Huggies® Little Swimmers® diaper.

As much as Lyla loves these diapers because of Nemo, I love the Huggies® Little Swimmers® for their ease and effectiveness. They have full side panels with a very soft velcro which make for quick diaper changes and a comfortable fit for Lyla.


3. Sing a song! Any song will do. Can’t think of one off the top of your head? Sing about how much fun you are having at the pool/beach! Your baby is going to love it.


We are really looking forward to the release of Finding Dory this summer so we were excited to find boxes of Huggies® Little Swimmers® diapers with the special Finding Dory packaging at Sam’s Club last week. Each box comes with a pack of wipes and a small tube of sunscreen – perfect for keeping with all of your beach stuff for easy diaper changing station set up. 


Want a chance to win a $1,000 Sam’s Club giftcard? Snap some pictures of your summer fun and share using the hashtag #SwimAdventureContest or upload directly to by June 1, 2016! I’m really looking forward to checking out all of the entries. 

little swimmers sweepstakes image
You can follow along with Huggies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

What fun summer adventures do you have planned?

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Prepping newborn hand-me-downs

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Newborns are so special, aren’t they? Their sweet little lint-filled hands. Their quiet coos and grunts. Their warm, snuggly bodies. Their smell. 

I didn’t realize how much I missed that wonderful newborn smell until I had Simon. In those first few weeks, I spent a lot of time holding him close and just smelling him. Writing that out makes me feel like a complete weirdo but I know that all you other mamas out there can relate. Having a newborn really is a magical time and it goes by way too fast. 

Simon Earl Byrd

^ He’s thinking “man I smell so good”…oh wait…that’s me

Our little Simon Earl is three months old and already not so little. He has outgrown all of the newborn- 3 month outfits that we had prepared for him and has moved on to six month stuff. Luckily, all of his clothes were either bought second hand by his Mimi or passed down to us by gracious friends (seriously, I didn’t buy anything) so I don’t feel too bad about having to pack it away already. In fact, I am looking forward to passing on these items to other expecting mamas soon. 


^ See what a big boy he already is?!!

When preparing hand-me-downs to be gifted, you always want to start by making sure they are in good condition. Newborn items are easy because baby isn’t doing much yet. Lots of sleeping and eating makes for pretty clean, not worn out clothing. However, all mamas know that those blowouts are serious business and sometimes leave clothes with stains that you just can’t get rid of. Give all the items a once over and check for any big stains or holes. Make a “giveaway” pile and another pile for items that you can find another use for (old onesies make great cleaning rags)


Once you have a pile of “good” items, you want to run them through the wash so that they are ready for the new baby to wear right away without having their mama do any work. I recently started using Snuggle® Ultra Blue Sparkle fabric conditioner and blue iris bliss Snuggle Scent Boosters® in all of our laundry loads. By layering the two Snuggle products in the washing machine, our clothes come out smelling fresher than ever and I find myself wanting to just snuggle up with our laundry instead of folding it. (When I’m not snuggling Simon, of course.)

The snuggle scent boosters come in small, convenient pods that pack a serious punch. The instructions on the package make them very easy-to-use leaving your hand-me-downs extra soft and smelling fresh – perfect for all of those new family snuggles that are bound to happen. 

The best part is that once the newborn smell fades away, you (and the families that you pass your hand-me-downs to) can continue to use the Snuggle Ultra Blue Sparkle fabric conditioner and blue iris bliss Snuggle Scent Boosters to bring that smell alive and transport themselves back to the special moments of newborn bliss. 


The last step in preparing newborn hand-me-downs to be gifted is to package them up. Like with anything, presentation is key so instead of just throwing all of the clothing into an old grocery bag and dropping them at their doorstep, take the time to write a nice love note to the new parents. Share with them your congratulations as well as your best piece of advice for surviving those first few crazy weeks. I also like to throw in a well-loved toy or book for the new babe. Tie them all up with a pretty ribbon and you are good to go!

You can find both of the awesome Snuggle® products mentioned above at your local Sam’s Club in the laundry/home care aisle. Be sure to check your March Instant Savings Guide for exclusive deals. samsclubsnuggle

Want more fun laundry care ideas? Follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Are you a Snuggle lover looking for more opportunities to interact with the brand? Join the Snuggle Bear Den – it’s FREE! Sign up, complete missions, share your opinions and be rewarded. Explore the site and update your profile so you can begin your first mission.

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Fitting in Fitness | Simple Workouts for Busy Moms

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If you follow along on Instagram or Snapchat (username: thebyrdwoman), you know that we spend a lot of time at the playground.


Lyla asks for it when she wakes up, as soon as dad comes in the door from work, and a few more (billion) times a day. 

I don’t give in every time but we do try to make it a few times a day because (1) it’s hard to say no to her sweet face and (2) like every parent knows, playgrounds are magic energy burners that almost always guarantee a good nap. 


Going to the playground also gives me a chance to get a simple workout in without having to wait for both kids to be napping and/or worry about what kind of mischief Lyla is getting into in another room. 

If Alex is at work, I load Lyla and Simon Earl in the double stroller, turn on some music for us to sing along to (yes, I’m that mom singing “Twinkle Twinkle” out loud while walking down the sidewalk. You’re welcome neighbors.) and grab a little something for myself to munch on during our walk. 

With Lyla contained in the stroller, this is my chance to snack on something without having to share so I try to make it a good one. Lately, I’ve been loving goodnessknows® snack squares. They come in three different flavors, but the Cranberry, Almond, Dark Chocolate is by far my favorite. 


This week, our friends at goodnessknows® snack squares are giving you a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card so make sure you enter the sweepstakes today. Use the box below to share a photo or quote about what goodness means to you.


2016 #TryALittleGoodness Sweepstakes

Once we get to the playground, I can let Lyla loose and start working out. By taking advantage of the playground equipment, I’m able to work up a good sweat while still playing with my Lyla bean which makes me a happy mama. 

(Simon usually falls asleep in the stroller on the way to the playground so I am able to leave him there while I workout but if he is awake, I can easily put him in a carrier and wear him for any of these exercises.)

Lyla is really feeling the swings right now so, while I push her for what sometimes feels like hours, I try to fit in a few reps of squats. (as evidenced below, check out my mad editing skills)


I also like to use the stairs or slides as a step. Going up and down (and up and down and up and down) is a great workout – probably better than you think – and keeps the little ones entertained. 


Lunges are a great exercise that you can do either at or on the way to the playground. (It’s especially nice when you have your husband there to help you with your form.)


You can also stop at any point in your walk to throw your toddler up in the air a few times. They will love it. (and your arms will too.)


I’m so glad that I found the goodnessknows® snack squares. When I fuel myself with good choices, I start making more good choices like exercising at the playground, drinking more water, etc. and when I find myself consistently making good choices, I just feel great overall which allows me to be a better wife and mom. 

Doing a little good for yourself every once in a while really does go a long way. 

Next time you are at Walmart, I suggest you pick up some goodnessknows® snack squares for yourself (you can find them in the checkout aisles). They are available in three flavors: (1) goodnessknows® Peach & Cherry, Almond, Dark Chocolate (2) goodnessknows® Apple, Almond & Peanut, Dark Chocolate and (3) goodnessknows® Cranberry, Almond, Dark Chocolate (my favorite)


How do you find time to fit fitness into your life? Which goodnessknows® snack square flavor would you like to try? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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Ultimate Valentine’s Day Round-Up

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_ValentinesDayRoundup-02 (1)


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Can you feel the love tonight with all these great Valentine’s Day inspired activities?

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