Pumpkin Painting: Toddler Edition

Painting pumpkins is something that was pretty high on my fall bucket list this year. Carved pumpkins and Hawaii don’t really mix (hello, mold) but I didn’t want Lyla to miss out on a bit of Halloween fun so yesterday I whipped out some paint and a couple of tiny pumpkins and we got to painting. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well then, this post is worth…err…a lot of words. (math is not my strong point)

For the record: I insisted on the overalls, she insisted on the upside down hair bow. You win some, you lose some. 









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Sweet Potato Banana Muffins


These days I can’t step into the kitchen without a certain toddler following me saying “pleeeeaaassseeee”. 


She has discovered where all of those delicious “mum mums” that mom and dad bring to her come from and she wants in on as much of that action as she can get.

A girl after my own heart…errr stomach.

Hearing her little voice say “please” is basically the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard and it’s really hard to turn her down so I figured it was time for me to make something healthy for her to snack on. 


Enter these sweet potato and banana mini muffins. They are quick & easy to make, have only four main ingredients, and are toddler-approved. 




You trying saying “no” to that face. 

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Five Essentials for Baby Number Two

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MyLittleRemedies #CollectiveBias


Now that we are [mostly] settled into our new place, I have finally started to get things ready for Simon’s arrival. As nervous and anxious as I am to give birth again have two babies under the age of two, the more I think about having a sweet little newborn to snuggle on, the more excited I get.

The first few weeks at home with your newborn are so precious. As hard as it is to adjust to the new (non)sleep schedule and to figure out your new norm, those sweet baby snuggles and newborn coos make it so worth it. Being the total homebody that I am, I totally cherish those first few weeks holed up at home with my family just loving up on our little ones and soaking it all in. 

Instead of focusing on some of the big ticket items, I’ve started my baby prep with the 5 essentials for baby number two’s first few weeks at home. Thankfully, I only had to make one stop at Target to pick up all of the essentials that we didn’t have on hand already – I was able to find everything on my list super quickly and was even surprised to find a new Little Remedies® product that I knew I had to try. 


[1] I’m pretty sure I read in the “rule book of new babies” that sweet, snuggly outfits are essential to taking care of a newborn and, since I am a rule follower, I’ve made sure that Simon is ready to go with some comfy little ensembles. The shirt is actually one of Lyla’s old shirts. It was always one of my favorites so I kept it on hand for her little brother. I picked up the sweatpants from Target and wish they had them in my size – how comfortable do they look?!


[2] I can’t say enough good things about these Little Remedies® products. When Lyla was little, she had a lot of tummy problems that caused her discomfort. I was so hesitant to give my tiny baby anything besides breastmilk but felt comfortable giving the Little Remedies® Gripe Water a try since it was free from any artificial dyes and parabens. It always seemed to do the trick and I make sure to recommend it to all new moms and moms-to-be. 

In case our Simon has the same tummy trouble as his big sister, I wanted to make sure that we had the gripe water on hand instead of having to make a special trip to the store. When I was at Target picking it up, I noticed the new Little Remedies® Advanced Colic Relief and decided to pick up a bottle of that too. A mama can never be too prepared!


[3] Long days (and nights) at home call for lots of snuggles on the couch so I’m making sure that I have blankets easily accessible all around the house. I much prefer “real” blankets to receiving blankets as they grow with the child. (and because I have a slight obsession with blankets. Sorry, babe!)


[4] Our laundry pile seems to be never-ending no matter how many times I downsize our closets and it’s only about to get worse as we add another person to our family. So, to (hopefully) cut down on the number of times I have to change little man’s outfit, and therefore cut down on the number of laundry loads I do per week, I am going to give these soft bibs a try. I never really used any kind of bib with Lyla but looking back, I definitely should have. 


[5] Pacifiers! Like so many parenting decisions, the decision on whether or not to give your baby a pacifier is pretty polarizing. We introduced the pacifier to Lyla while she was still in the hospital and it didn’t have any negative effect on her breastfeeding habits. Today, she will still take her “wubby” in the car and in her crib at nap/bed times and we are totally ok with that. 


The fun people at Little Remedies® are asking all you mamas out there to reach out to them on social media! Either tweet them @LittleRemedies or post on Facebook using the hashtag #LittleRescue to receive tips and advice from pediatricians and nutrition experts on how to sooth your sweet babies as well as to get special offers and product samples. A few lucky moms will even score an in-home visit from the Little Remedies® rescue team complete with delivery of Little Remedies® Gas Relief Drops, Gripe Water and NEW Advanced Colic Relief Drops. 


 Thinking about heading to Target soon to stock up on the Little Remedies® products? Make sure you take advantage of the 20% off Little Remedies® Advanced Colic Relief Drops using Cartwheel and get a $5 Target Gift Card when you purchase any two Little Remedies® products (Gas Drops/Gripe Water) — both deals expire 10/17/2015

You can also check out the Little Remedies® website for more coupons, free samples, fun videos and a chance to win an in-person rescue from the Little Remedies® rescue team. 

Those are my 5 essentials for baby’s first few weeks at home. What would you add to the list? 


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DIY Corn Husk Dolls


I didn’t play with a ton of dolls when I was younger but I do have a pretty vivid memory of playing with a corn husk doll that I made at school. I wasn’t very attached to it, and I’m sure she found a place in the trash can not longer after I brought her home, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the simplicity of a good corn husk doll today. 

Call me old fashioned, but the idea of Lyla playing with simple, handmade toys like these makes me all kinds of giddy. I love being able to create things for her that bring her joy which is why I added it to our fall bucket list

There just happened to be 8 ears of corn in the produce box that we picked up at the Farmer’s Market last week so I set them aside while I cooked dinner and quickly got to doll making! 

To make a corn husk doll you need: green corn husks, string and a pair of scissors. That’s it!



[1] Start with 4-5 fresh corn husks. Lay them flat on top of each other and tie together with small piece of string. 


[2] Flip upside down and pull each husk down. 


[3] Using another piece of string, tie a piece around the top of the husks to form the head. 


[4] Grab another husk, lay flat and roll tightly to form the arms. Secure each end with string. 

[5] Place the arms between the long “body” husks, just below the neck. Secure with piece of string to form the waist. 


[6] Take another husk and cut in half. Drape pieces over the body in a criss-cross pattern to form the shoulders and secure with string. 


[7] Take a few more long husks and gather around body to form the skirt. I tied this part with baker’s twine to add a little color ’cause my doll is fancy 😉

You could easily turn these into “boy” dolls by gathering half of the long skirt husks and tying them together at the end to form feet. I left my doll out to dry for a few days before giving it to Lyla to play with and ended up having to tighten up some of the string since the husks shrink when drying. 

Now that we have started crossing things off of our list, I am in full on fall mode. This week I’ve teamed up with Jenna from A Savory Feast as well as some other awesome bloggers to share our favorite posts about fall and to give you a chance to win some cool prizes. The giveaway ends tomorrow so make sure to get your entries in today! 

Happy crafting 🙂


We are so excited about the arrival of Fall, so we are celebrating with a giveaway! Enter to win this fun prize pack filled with all sorts of Fall-themed goodies and a Starbucks gift card. Bring on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

Fall Welcome Week Hosts
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Giveaway is open to US residents 18 years of age and older. Entries will be accepted via the Rafflecopter below from 9/23/2015 to 9/30/2015 at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will be randomly selected and will be verified. Winner will be emailed and must respond with a mailing address within 48 hours to claim their prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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30 weeks



As of yesterday, I am now 30 weeks pregnant with our little man. We celebrated with a (apparently very blustery) trip to our neighborhood’s farmers market. Just about 10 weeks left. Ten weeks that I know are going to fly by and I am all sorts of anxious about that. 

Just for fun, here is a look at the bump over the last 20 (!!!) weeks…


Happy Thursday, friends!

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Mahalo Monday

If you follow along on social media or know me in real life (hi, friends!) then you probably saw that I had a little unexpected stay in the hospital last week. 

I am home now, feeling better each day and (most importantly) still pregnant. As excited as we are to meet our newest little Byrd, he still has a lot of growing to do so we are very thankful that he hasn’t decided to grace us with his presence quite yet. 

Speaking of thankful, I just wanted to take a few minutes to express how incredibly thankful I am for all of your calls, thoughts, prayers, texts, messages and well-wishes. We were absolutely blown away by the thoughtfulness of the community around us and feel so blessed to have had so many people keeping our little family in your prayers. God continues to show us His grace and it is so good. 


Here’s to 13 more weeks of hospital-free baby growing! 

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