baby bouquets

They say there is something in the water.

Since I started in my office a year ago, there has always been at least three girls who are pregnant at the same time. It’s pretty exciting – I mean, who doesn’t love sweet little babies?!

Three of the girls are due in October/November so yesterday there was a joint baby shower honoring these mothers-to-be. For their gifts, I put together these baby bouquets. I’ve made some before, and they are always a hit.

baby bouquet

See all that blue? All three of the mamas are having boys – how fun is that?!

Each bouquet included a burp cloth, onesie, a newborn hat, and some pacifiers. I also included some artificial flowers as filler. If you are feeling super creative, you could skip the filler and make the whole thing out of baby items 🙂

Other supplies I needed were a flower pot (or tin pail in this case), scotch tape, ribbon, scissors, wire cutters, wooden dowels and floral foam.

baby bouquet supplies

baby bouquet supplies

To make the “flower” I simply rolled each baby item up then tied a ribbon around it to hold everything together. Then, I stuck the rolled item onto a wooden dowel which acted as a stem. For the heavier items, you may need some scotch tape to help hold up the flower. Once I had all the baby items wrapped, I placed the floral foam into the tin pails and started making the arrangement. The artificial flowers and leaves went in last and served as my filler.

Super easy right? What other items would you include in your baby bouquet?

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