sweet potato

The time has come. Lyla has started eating solid food.

sweet potato baby

Turns out that when to introduce your child to solid foods is a pretty polarizing topic. (seems to be a trend when talking about anything baby-related)

Some say to start feeding your baby solids as early as four months. Others live and die by the “food before one is just for fun” rule. Some mamas will warn you to never let your baby feed themselves, while others encourage their little minions to feed themselves from day one.

sweet potato

Really, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. Only you know what will work best for your baby and your family so you should roll with that. When you think your baby is ready to grub, put down your computer and pick up a spoon, mama!

(and don’t forget your camera because the pictures are too good)

We have been having lots of fun introducing our bean to different kinds of foods. So far she has had sweet potato, avocado and bananas. The bananas have been her least favorite of the three – she takes after her daddy.

sweet potato baby

We don’t have an actual high chair for her yet, but the Bumbo seat with the attached tray works really well. Plus, she gets to eat on the table which she thinks is pretty neat.

sweet potato baby

She loves to try and feed herself. Which is great until she goes a little too far and starts gagging.

Slow down, girlfriend!

sweet potato baby

On the menu this week: peas and pears

What was your baby’s first food?

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