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Today I became a full-blown stay at home mom. 

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After my maternity leave was up, I had an awesome opportunity to return to the job that I love very part time. We’re talking one day a week. It was great.

See, I never really wanted to leave our sweet girl. It didn’t feel natural. But I really loved my job, and honestly going to work was like taking a mini vacation every week. So I went back. And for the past six months I have been able to enjoy the best of both worlds – working a job that I love and being a mostly stay at home mom to Lyla. 

But now, the very part time isn’t a possibility anymore and it was time for me to go part time for reals. And in this season of our lives, it wasn’t going to work for our family.

It was a hard decision to come to which is something I didn’t really expect. For as long as I can remember, Alex and I had always wanted me to stay home with our children while they are small. Plus, I love being a mama. 

Opportunity to stay home + loving being a mom = easy decision, right?!

On paper it looks like it should have been the easiest decision ever. It wasn’t. (but I was never good at math, so maybe that’s why)

You always hear how parents sacrifice so much for their children. And I always accepted that as a truth. But it took me almost ten months of being a mom to really understand it.

The sacrifice looks different for every parent, and will undoubtedly come at different stages of their children’s lives. Some sacrifices will be bigger than others, and there will never be just one. 

Leaving my job to stay home with my daughter full time has definitely been the largest sacrifice I’ve made thus far. It means letting go of something that I worked so hard for – a job that I had dreamed about and made into a reality. Letting go of my weekly commute which had turned into my much-appreciated alone time. Letting go of my oh-so-stylish costume (ha)

As hard as it was to make the decision, once the decision was made I felt peace. I would do anything for my baby. And let’s be real, I worked hard for this job too 😉

Parenthood is the most amazing, scary, wonderful, surprising, interesting, special thing in the world. And I’m loving every second of it. 

P.S. *sap alert* I am so thankful to have a supportive, encouraging husband who seems to always be on the same page as me in the big book of important life decisions. He makes life so much easier. Love you, babe.  

P.P.S. Aulani peeps, please stay in touch! 

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