Preparing Your Home for Summer Guests

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Once you move to Hawaii, people seem to line up to come visit you. This year, we have had visitors from the mainland at least once per month, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Our current set up allows us a spare bedroom that we use for guests which is so great because we love hosting family and friends in our home.   

This week, we have had the pleasure of hosting our good friends Lisa and Kyle. They flew in from Georgia last weekend and we have been having a blast showing them around the island. 


When preparing for guests, I like to go beyond the basic sheet-changing and room-tidying by putting together small welcome packages. These small gifts make their arrival a little more special and really help the tone for their vacation. 

These welcome gifts are fun and easy to put together. I like to include… 

A coffee mug for each guest. Because we are in Hawaii, I like to give each guest a Hawaiian-themed mug. Something that they probably can’t get where they live. They can use it throughout the duration of their trip if they don’t feel comfortable going through your cupboards in the morning or just take it home with them as a fun souvenir. 

Postcards, pre-stamped. love getting snail mail – especially postcards from people on vacation! Make sure you throw a stamp on them so that they are ready to be dropped in the mailbox without any extra effort from your guests. 

Fresh towels. I always loved using the big, fluffy towels on vacation and don’t want to rob my guests of that feeling just because they are staying at our house instead of a hotel 😉 Pick up a new towel and washcloth for each guest to use during their stay (I try to get two different colors so they are easy to keep track of). Your guests can either take the towels home with them or leave them for you to add to your collection when they are done. 

Passwords. Share with them any information about the wifi connection in your home, or other important passwords they may need. I printed out this info and put it in a pretty frame to make it more appealing. 

vitaminwater Zero. There is a lot to see on this beautiful island so our guests are usually hit the ground running and don’t stop. It is so important that they stay hydrated when out in the hot Hawaiian sun so I like to include a few bottles of vitaminwater Zero. Vitamins. Electrolytes. Delicious. Zero blah. 


I leave a few bottles on top of the desk in the bedroom and let our guests know where in the house that they can find more. Sam’s Club sells large packages of vitaminwater Zero (20 in a pack) which is great because it makes it easy to have more on hand to ensure our guests are staying hydrated while on the go without having to stop and pick up more while they are out adventuring. 


Between now and April 30th, you can save $3.50 on the large packs of vitaminwater Zero at Sam’s Club with their in-store offer. It’s really a great deal! Click here to find them at the Sam’s Club nearest you. 

What would you want to find in a welcome package?


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  1. These are such great guest ideas!!! We have lived all over the (continental) US and so we’ve had lots of guests, too, but I never came up with anything this clever! Thanks for the great inspiration for next time! ~ Client

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