Pregnancy Update | 25 weeks

Wow! This pregnancy is flying by. I’m already more than halfway there…

…by a month…

…plus a week…


I haven’t been taking weekly bump photos this time like I did when I was pregnant with Lyla and my guilt levels about this are all over the place so last night I had Alex take a nice 25 week shot of my growing belly. 


[I have, however, been taking “bumpies” (don’t hate me) every 5 weeks to document Mister Byrd’s growth. That counts for something right?!]

Anyways, to help tame some of my mom guilt and to answer a lot of your questions as to how this pregnancy is going, I decided to fill out one of those pregnancy surveys that are floating along in the blogosphere.

Hope you’re ready – it’s a long one! 

What fruit are you || I track my pregnancy in the What to Expect app and I love checking in every Wednesday to see what sort of food they are comparing our sweet little baby to. This week he is as big as a rutabaga and should be able to hear us now. 

Due date || December 3. I had Lyla a little early and even though I know every pregnancy is different, I’m betting that her little brother is going to be coming early too. I’ve said since the beginning that we will be in the hospital on Thanksgiving this year – we will see! 

How far along || 25 weeks on the nose. 

Gender || It’s a boy! Simon Earl is his name and being cute is his game. No mom bias here šŸ˜‰ It’s still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that we are having a little boy soon – I don’t know how to be a boy mom! But, I guess I didn’t know how to be a mom at all before I had Lyla and I think I’m doing alright. 


Total weight gain || At my last appointment I was up 10 pounds (about 3 weeks ago). I don’t weigh myself at home because I really try not to worry about the weight gain part of pregnancy. My body knows what it needs to do and will get it done. 

Exercise || Every morning I take Lyla and Rocco out for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood and, depending on how I’m feeling, will do another one with Alex, Lyla and Rocco again after dinner. I’m also trying out a local Stroller Strides class to meet other moms/get some intentional exercise in. Add those things to the amount of time I spend chasing Lyla around all day and I’d say things are looking pretty good on the exercise front.

Stretch marks || So far, so good! I didn’t get any last time until the verrrrrrry end so I hope I am as lucky this time. 

Swelling || My fingers have felt super swollen lately. Not sure if it’s heat or pregnancy related but either way it’s gross. 


Maternity clothes || Yes! I don’t have many pieces though so you will probably see me in the same three outfits over and over for the next few months. Comfort is key, people. 

Belly button || Still an innie but flattening out. Belly buttons totally freak me out and I hope it stays in for a very long time. 

Sleep || What’s sleep?! Between the heat, a sickness that I just can’t seem to shake and general pregnancy insomnia, this mama doesn’t get much good rest at all. 

Food cravings || I’m just going to say food in general. I’m just hungry. ALL.THE.TIME. 


Symptoms || My old friend, heartburn, is back. He usually shows up in response to my insanely hearty appetite. It’s a great partnership. 

Movement || Yes! Like any expectant mama, I love feeling those kicks, jabs and rolls. So far, Simon hasn’t proved to be as active as his sister but when he moves, he moves

What I miss || Ice cold beer. It’s definitely harder to give up alcohol in the summer than it is the winter. 

What Iā€™m loving || Our little family. Lyla is at such a fun age right now. I just want to bottle her up and keep her like this forever. She is so sweet with her daddy (and he with her) and my heart melts daily. 

What Iā€™m looking forward to || Volunteer opportunities at our church, exciting changes to the blog, family time, and Christmas.

Best moment this week || We took a great trip to North Shore this weekend. It’s always fun to circle the island, eat good food and just enjoy each other’s company. 



Happy “bump” day šŸ˜‰

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  1. Ahhh, I love reading pregnancy updates! Your “bumpies” are so adorable! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see more updates and eventually cute little Simon baby pictures!!

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