pineapple party

Here in Hawaii, first birthday parties are a big deal. We’re talking booking large venues months in advance, major entertainment, awesome food, the works. They are tons of fun and, I think, it’s such a fun way to celebrate the little ones. 

We don’t have nearly enough family and friends on the island to justify throwing a huge party, but I definitely wasn’t going to let miss Lyla’s first birthday pass without throwing some sort of shindig. 

I played around with a few ideas before landing on the pineapple party theme. Honestly, Alex wasn’t entirely convinced that pineapples were a theme but he went with it anyways. (thanks, babe!)

pineapple party

We kept it simple by hosting a few of our close family and friends in our backyard. We didn’t book any outside vendors and made all of the food and decorations ourselves. My family was a huge help in getting everything together and I am so thankful for them all (I’m looking at you Lily, Hoku, Mimi and Keiko!)

pineapple party food

pineapple party

pineapple party sandwiches

Rather than serving a big meal, we made a bunch of finger food for our guests. We had PB&J, cucumber cream cheese and chicken salad sandwiches (cut out in pineapple shapes, of course), fruit salad, teriyaki meatballs with pineapple chunks and an awesome cheese ball modeled after this one (just used a different recipe). 

The pineapple cups from Oriental Trading Company were a hit and made for a great party favor. 

pineapple party

pineapple party

pineapple party

Towards the end of the party we opened presents, had some cake and broke open the piñata (which I made – who knew pineapple piñatas were so hard to find?!)



DSC_0343 DSC_0346 DSC_0352

pineapple pinata pineapple pinata

No, she won’t remember this party and I’m sure her sixteen-year-old self will look back at these pictures and be like “really, mom? pineapples?!” but we all had a great time. Just look at this smile…

pineapple party

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  1. She is ridiculously cute. And her daddy is too! I love the classic Alex Pout…..he’s been perfecting that face since he was 2!!! Love you guys!

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