oh baby

Pregnancy Announcement

There are no words to describe how excited I am to announce that Alex and I are expecting our first child in May. I already feel overwhelmingly blessed to be the momma to this sweet little Byrd and can’t wait to meet him/her (or find out if it is a him/her for that matter!)

Of course, so many of my thoughts are now consumed with all things baby so you can expect to see some tons of baby-friendly posts soon!

“For this child I prayed, and the Lord answered my prayer” 1 Samuel 1:27

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apple cider

October is here!

For me, there is something almost magical about October first. It’s the date when fall really, truly arrives. It’s when the air is cleaner, the colors are more subdued, and the excitement of the season is at it’s peak. It’s when I have completely let go of summer and started dreaming of cozy nights at home, pumpkin patches, and warm food. I am almost immediately overwhelmed with the number of recipes I want to try, decorations I want to put up, and parties I want to host.

But this year, I wont be overwhelmed. I’ve got my plans and I’m sticking to them. And I couldn’t be more excited about any of them.

First up on my list of recipes to try? Apple cider. Is there any drink that screams “fall” to you more than apple cider?! (if so, please let me know so it can get on my list ASAP!) One of my husband’s favorite fall treats is this apple cider from Trader Joe’s. Sadly, there are no Trader Joe’s in Hawaii so I knew that I had to make a substitution for him this year.

apple cider from natashabyrd on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy!

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baby bouquets

They say there is something in the water.

Since I started in my office a year ago, there has always been at least three girls who are pregnant at the same time. It’s pretty exciting – I mean, who doesn’t love sweet little babies?!

Three of the girls are due in October/November so yesterday there was a joint baby shower honoring these mothers-to-be. For their gifts, I put together these baby bouquets. I’ve made some before, and they are always a hit.

baby bouquet

See all that blue? All three of the mamas are having boys – how fun is that?!

Each bouquet included a burp cloth, onesie, a newborn hat, and some pacifiers. I also included some artificial flowers as filler. If you are feeling super creative, you could skip the filler and make the whole thing out of baby items 🙂

Other supplies I needed were a flower pot (or tin pail in this case), scotch tape, ribbon, scissors, wire cutters, wooden dowels and floral foam.

baby bouquet supplies

baby bouquet supplies

To make the “flower” I simply rolled each baby item up then tied a ribbon around it to hold everything together. Then, I stuck the rolled item onto a wooden dowel which acted as a stem. For the heavier items, you may need some scotch tape to help hold up the flower. Once I had all the baby items wrapped, I placed the floral foam into the tin pails and started making the arrangement. The artificial flowers and leaves went in last and served as my filler.

Super easy right? What other items would you include in your baby bouquet?

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we like to party

Here in Hawaii Alex and I are lucky to have a nice core group. We are a mix of family, neighbors, and friends met while surfing the same spot every morning. We call ourselves Team Sharkbait.

And we like to party.

At the beginning of the summer I proposed an idea that we have monthly dinner parties. The idea is that we would rotate host families each time. The host would pick the theme and be responsible for the food and the guests just had to play along. Everyone was on board (how could you not be right?!) and the parties began in May.

First up, we had “mafia night” at the Taniguchi’s. The food was AMAZING and it was so fun to get all dressed up.

Mafia dinner party

Mafia Couple

Next month, we had a fourth of july party at Sash & CB’s new house in Kailua. Food and company was great, we had a patriotic photobooth, and there was a great firework show to end the night.

Fourth of July Table

Patriotic Photobooth

Photoboth couple

In August, it was our turn to host. We decided on a circus theme. When our guest’s arrived they picked up a bag that had their “roles” for the evening complete with props. We even learned of Charron’s special talent for balancing chairs on her chin (?!)

circus dinner party

Just last night we had our September installment at Charron and Jasen’s house. The theme was “trash to treasure” and we all came in our Goodwill best. The menu was full of comfort food taken to the next level and it was SO good. I’m still dreaming about the grilled cheese and tomato soup combo.

grilled cheese

We are going to be taking a hiatus from these themed parties during the holidays but I look forward to starting them back up again at the beginning of the year! If you were hosting next, what theme would you choose?

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bucket list: fall 2013

The leaves might not be changing, but the weather here in Ewa Beach is cooler today (funny how 79 and cloudy can feel so much cooler than 85 and sunny) so it is officially feeling like fall!

I am a total list maker. It’s almost embarrassing how many lists you can find if you look in my purse/planner/notebook/etc. We even have a giant bucket list on our dining room wall of places we want to eat/things we want to do. So of course, I have a fall bucket list.

bucket list

Can’t wait to get started on this! What’s on your fall list?

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wedding inspiration: blush & gold

Blush & Gold

Last night here on Oahu we had rain. Lots and lots of rain. I love falling asleep and waking up to the sound of rain outside my window. To me, the rain brings on a sense of peace and tranquility.

The rain also reminds me that the seasons are changing. Fall is officially right around the corner (or has already arrived if you step into Starbucks, hellooooo salted caramel mocha) which is so exciting to me because fall is my favorite season. For our little family, fall is full of celebrations. Both our birthday’s, our dating anniversary, and our wedding anniversary take place in a one-month span. Not to mention Halloween and Thanksgiving too! Needless to say, it’s an exciting time in the Byrd household.

One of my favorite color palettes for fall weddings is blush and gold. The two colors blend together perfectly to capture the romantic spirit that is in the air as we say goodbye to the summer heat and welcome the cooler temperatures.This color palette brings an elegant and sophisticated feel to any event. Here are some of our favorite ways that the blush & gold color palette can be used:

blush and gold table numbers

blush and gold invite

blush and gold cake

sources in order {1, 2, 3, 4}

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craft night

Last night I had some of my favorite girls over for a much needed craft night. With everyone’s crazy work, school and surf (I’m looking at you, Auntie!) schedules it gets kind of tricky to find a night that works for everyone. And as an extra bonus, my mom is in town visiting so she was able to join in the fun too!

We were all pretty flexible on the craft choice so my mom and I headed to our local Ben Franklin to get inspired.

I don’t know if it is the same for you, but I have imagination overload every time I step foot into a craft store. I had a few different projects in mind for our craft night and was wondering how I was ever going to choose, but once we saw these wooden owls we knew that we had to get them!

Back at the house we set up the supply station. We provided everyone with a wooden owl, their choice of scrapbook paper, some paintbrushes, and eye supplies (bottle caps and little googly eyes)

craft set up

Everyone came over and was excited to get started on their owls. But first, we had an important matter to take care of…eating!

A gathering in my family is not a proper gathering unless their is delicious food involved. For craft night, my mom and I put together two pastie pies. (pronounced “pass-tea”) You can read more about pasties by clicking that link but for the sake of this post, all you need to know is that they are delicious and a family favorite.

pasty and milk

Once both pasty pies were devoured and brownie sundaes were had by all, we were ready to start crafting.

It was so neat to see how everyone’s owls turned out. I know some pretty creative ladies. Here are our finished products:


craft night group

Pretty cute huh? What would you use your owl for?

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