Our Eighteen Month Old

Eighteen months. A full year and a half.

Where has the time gone?


I know we’ve said it at every stage that you have gone through, but this stage is definitely our favorite.

You are learning and growing so much every day. It truly is amazing to watch. 

You love shoes. Definitely not a trait you picked up from me or daddy. You climb into my lap with a different pair at least 5 times a day and have me switch them for you. You always end up losing one which has earned you the nickname “one shoe zalinsky”. 

You love to eat. Nobody can sneak a bite of anything in the house without you finding out and asking for some (in the sweetest voice ever I might add). I’m not sure if you really have a favorite right now, you are pretty good at trying everything.


Your vocabulary is growing everyday and I love listening to what you have to say. You can say “uh oh” “please” “dada” “mama” “bocko” “all done” “bocha” “hi” “bye” “uncle” and count down from 3. You know the noises for cats, dogs, monkeys, owls and sheep. I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting – I’ll have to start writing them down. 

Ninety-eight percent of the time you are totally fearless. You are a climber and a problem solver. No playground slide is too big for our bean. You don’t just sit and scoot yourself down the slide either. You make a literal run for it and plop down with a giant smile and a happy laugh. I’m equal parts terrified and proud on a daily basis at the things you are doing. 

You love dogs. Bocko (aka Rocco) is your favorite playmate. He is so patient with you. One of your favorite things to do is chase him around (and around…and around…and around) the house with your toy lawn mower. Poor guy. You are in little Lyla heaven every time we go to the dog park. Even if most of the dogs are bigger than you. 


You also love to go to the beach. Just like your daddy, the waves call to you and you are so anxious to answer them. We have no doubt that you will be out on a board in no time at all. Just as soon as we get you in some swimming lessons. 

You love to play in the dirt and sand, color all over yourself and don’t mind having food ALL over your face, but, the second that you have a piece of hair or fuzz stuck to your hand you run to the nearest person to get it off immediately. 

You are a dancer. No matter where we are, when you hear the music you can’t help but shake your groove thang. You already have better rhythm than mama, but that doesn’t stop me from having dance parties with you. One day, I’m sure this will be the most embarrassing thing ever but right now you love it (and so do I). 


I am already so proud of the person you are becoming. You are strong-willed, sweet, and musical. You have a soft heart and a joyous soul. I constantly find myself just stepping back to watch you. I am so blessed to be your mama. 


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