national donut day

I’m usually not a fan of donuts. Or pastries in general. They just aren’t my jam(-filled choice of dessert). Because of this, National Donut Day is a holiday that has never been celebrated in the Byrd household. Until today. national-donut-day I woke up early this morning and started lazily scrolling through Instagram and basically all I saw were donuts. Donuts topped with sprinkles, and cereal, and marshmallows, and bacon. And apparently baby Byrd #2 is still pretty impressionable because he/she decided that we needed to get donuts for breakfast. What baby wants, baby gets. (this time anyway)


When Lyla woke up, we loaded into the car and headed over to the donut shop. We picked out a dozen and were given a few free ones as well to celebrate this (apparently) very special day. We made a surprise donut delivery to Alex’s office and then headed home to try ours. 


Of course, I took a zillion pictures. Are you surprised?

And, of course, Lyla ate an entire donut and loved every bite. Her baby brother/sister wasn’t mad either 😉


After we were finished stuffing our faces, we stuffed ourselves into our bathing suits and hit up the beach with my cousin, Hoku. Good idea, right?


How did you celebrate National Donut Day?

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