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Keeping the house clean with a toddler running around brings a whole new meaning to the word “chore”. I could easily spend my entire day chasing Lyla around picking up after her, wiping up sticky handprints and putting things back in their place but that would leave me with no time for anything else. Instead, I try to do a quick tidy up during her naps and right before bed. 


^ typical look for Lyla

Of course, a tidy house isn’t really a clean house and I try to keep up with the deep cleaning as much as I can. When Lyla became mobile, I avoided things like mopping the floors and deep cleaning baseboards for as long as I could because I was paranoid about what was going into her mouth. Sure, if I didn’t clean she would be exposed to more dirt and things but I figured that between a little dirt and harsh chemicals, the dirt would be the least harmful. [sounds kind of silly now that I’ve typed that out – I swear I’m a good mom]

Silly or not I’m thankful that I don’t have to make those choices anymore because I was introduced to Green Works by Clorox – a line of cleaning products that get the job done using natural ingredients that clean powerfully and don’t leave behind any strong smells or residue.

In other words, it’s every mom’s best friend. 

Another reason it’s every mom’s best friend? It’s only sold at Target (and this week there is a 3 for $8 deal) No need to add another stop to your errand running, adding another round of unloading and loading the kids again. (woohoo!) Last time I was at Target I picked up four of the Green Works products – the All Purpose Cleaner, Cleaning Wipes, Dishwashing Liquid and Laundry Detergent. 

I didn’t even make it home before I broke into the cleaning wipes. When I was getting everything put into the trunk, Lyla spilt a little bit of her milk so I used one of the wipes to clean it up. No more mess, no residue and no strong chemical order in the small interior of the car. I’m telling you – mom’s best friend. 


I’m also really happy with the laundry detergent. Sometimes Lyla’s skin is a little sensitive to our ‘normal’ detergent leaving her with a light rash on her tummy and back but since switching to the Green Works detergent, making that our new ‘normal’, we haven’t had any trouble with that. Again, mom’s best friend. 


I think it’s great that the people at Clorox realized that there are a lot of mamas out there that are looking for ways to live a more natural lifestyle and responded with these products that are safe, affordable and effective. Thanks for introducing my to my new best friend 😉

What are your secrets to keeping the house clean? I would love to hear about them below!

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  1. Our best house cleaning tip is to always make sure to clean up after dinner at night. There is nothing worse than waking up to a pile of dirty dishes. Thanks for sharing! #client

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