my mommy must-haves ::: newborn- 5months

The market for baby stuff is huge. Like, overwhelmingly huge.

Throughout my pregnancy, I read countless blogs about the latest and greatest baby products. I started to make lists of the things that I needed wanted. Those lists turned into registries and thanks to our generous family and friends, we started to collect enough stuff to open our own baby-product store 😉

When doing my research on all things baby, I wasn’t really sure where to start so I loved to look at all of the different “must have” lists. Of course, every baby is different and you never really know what your sweet little bambino is going to like until they get here, but it was nice to take a peek at what other moms found to be lifesavers in the first few months.

mommy must haves - newborn to 5 months

Lyla changes so much everyday. I know, I know. Parents always say that about their own children. But I swear, she does. Today she might want to read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” twelve million times, and tomorrow she will be on to “Pride and Prejudice” (or something).

I know my list of “must haves” will definitely change as Lyla continues to grow, but here is my list of mommy “must haves” for the first 5 months…



1. Gripe Water: This one wasn’t on our list of things to get before baby came but we quickly discovered that we needed it! Lyla had a lot of tummy issues for the first couple of months and this all-natural gripe water by Mommy’s Bliss was a lifesaver. The water is sort of sweet which made it super easy to give to Lyla and it soothed her upset stomach every time.  I love that it’s made from all-natural ingredients because it helped lessen the serious mom-guilt I had from giving my tiny baby something besides breast milk.

cutie caterpillar wub

2. The Wubbanub: We call ours “wubby”. This was recommended to us by my cousin, Emily, and I am so thankful for that! Wubby is perfect because he (yes, we decided that this cute, pink and green caterpillar is a “he”) is big enough for even the tiniest baby hands, allowing Lyla to get the pacifier part back in her mouth without too much help from mom and dad.

baby bjorn original

3. Baby Bjorn: I actually picked this carrier out for Alex and gave it to him at the baby shower, a sort of “push present” for dad since during the pregnancy it seemed like all attention goes to mama and baby. Daddies need love too people! Anyways, this carrier has proven to be a life (and arm) saver for the past few months. We were thisclose to returning it because miss Lyla HATED being put in it if we faced her towards us. All those cute pictures you see with the baby sweetly snuggling their mom and dad while being carried around? Yea, not happening in the Byrd house. Lyla is way too curious for that and wants to face out all the time. So, we figured out how to wear her facing outwards and she LOVED it. Being able to wear girl makes life a lot easier.

infantino activity mat

4. Activity Mat: I’m SO happy I put this on our registry – and even happier that our sweet friend, Charron, got it for us! Lyla has loved this pretty much since day one. The butterflies that spin when you “tickle the elephant’s ear” (tickle is code word for spin around these parts) were her first friends. Almost every morning, Lyla spends some time with her butterfly friends while mommy eats breakfast. She usually fills them in on the days plans coos at them for a while before trying to pull them down and chew their wings off. She’s very dainty.

breast cream

5. Breast Cream: If you would have told me a year ago that I would be blogging about “breast cream” I wouldn’t believe you. But seriously, all modesty goes out the window once you have had a baby. Those first few days in the hospital = zero privacy. So here I am, telling you that if you are having a baby anytime soon that you plan on breastfeeding this is a MUST have. Before having Lyla, I had always heard that breastfeeding was hard. I was told to stick it out for at least three weeks and then it would get easier. What I wasn’t told was how bad it hurts. I’m not going to get into the gory details (you’re welcome) I will say that this cream was a lifesaver. This cream plus a fan. For the first few weeks I would cringe every time I knew a feed was coming up, and then proceeded to feel guilty about not looking forward to feeding my baby. I’m telling you, that mom guilt is a powerful thing. I am happy to say that we stuck it out, we are still exclusively breastfeeding and it’s now pain free. (thank goodness)

So those are my mommy “must haves” for at least the first five months. Fellow mommies: were any of these things “must haves” for you? What should I keep an eye out for the next few months?

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  1. Gripe Water worked wonders for us too! And I’m definitely with you on the breast cream. Had no idea how painful it would be! It was definitely a life saver for me. Great list of mommy must haves 🙂

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