maui no ka oi

On Sunday, Lyla and I took a day trip to Maui. My mom was there for the weekend visiting some friends and had wanted the Byrds Lyla to come too. We originally told her that we weren’t able to make it but decided to buy a ticket and surprise her.

Island Air plane

Lyla and I hopped on the first flight Sunday morning and were on Maui thirty-five minutes later. My mom called as I was getting the car seat settled in the rental car and our conversation went something like this:

Mom: “It’s such a nice day on Maui, I’m walking on the beach. Wish you guys were here!”

Me: “Yea, it is nice today. What are you gonna have for breakfast?”

Mom: “I dont know. This beach is so nice”

Me: “Yea, I love Lahaina. So what do you want for breakfast?”

Mom: “You are not here”

Me: “Yes we are! Surprise!”

(insert screaming and a few more “you are not”s here)


We drove to her girlfriend’s house in Lahaina, met up with everyone and then headed to Front Street for some breakfast. After that, we visited where Alex and I got married and spent some time at the beach.


I have never seen her make that face before and I think itsĀ hilarious. Sorry, girl.

maui no ka oi

I freaking love Maui. It’s perfect and special. My heart just feels happy there. I guess that’s why they say “Maui no ka oi” right?!

maui no ka oi

The trip was quick but full of love, sunshine and the ocean so I would say it was a success!


Lyla is such an awesome little traveler. Just like her daddy, she loves to fly. When we were flying back to Oahu she looked out the window the whole time and had a giant smile on her face. Such a sweet little bean.

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