its a boy

We had our anatomy scan over the weekend and found out that baby Byrd #2 is a boy!



We are over the moon excited to be giving Lyla a brother at the end of the year. I’m still in shock because I was sure it was another girl. So much for that mother’s intuition I always hear about 😉

The three of us took turns being sick last week, so it was refreshing to see our little guy up on the screen healthy as can be. God is good! 

As excited as I am to meet our new bambino, I’m sort of freaking out too. I don’t know how to be a boy mom – help! All you experienced boy mamas (and dads) out there – any advice?!

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  1. They say boys are easier but being a mommy to 3 boys and no girls…i wouldn’t know the difference! Lol! But i love having boys and wouldn’t want it any other way. One thing i would like to advise you of…boys like to pee especially when you’re changing their diaper! So cover up! Lol! Congrats again mama!

  2. Ha ha I LOVE MY BOY! Let the games begin. Just love as you do Lyla, the rest will happen naturally! SO EXCITED!!

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