How Did We Get Here?

“How did you end up here? Are you military?”

We’ve been living in Hawaii for just about three years and that is still the question we get asked most often. I have my standard answer ready [no, we were just ready for a change and my husband worked from home so we just did it!] and that usually quenches people’s curiosity enough for the conversation to keep flowing but I thought that I would spend some time really answering that question for those of you out there who really want to know how the Byrds ended up in paradise. 

tree copy

Grab your popcorn, throw in some kakimochi and settle in – this is gonna be a long one!

Four years ago, we were a year out of college and living in Ventura County, California. We were in the midst of planning our dream destination wedding in Maui so Hawaii was definitely a popular conversation topic in our home. 

Fast forward to November 2011. We were married on Maui and set off the next day for a few weeks of honeymoon fun on Kauai and then back to Maui. Everything about that trip was perfection and we were not ready for it to end. 



Once we were back in California, I was really missing the islands. The beaches of Malibu and Ventura, while beautiful, just weren’t cutting it for me. I mentioned the possibility of moving to Hawaii to Alex but he was not into the idea at all and so I left it at that. Sort of. If you know me, you know that once I have an idea I have a hard time letting it go and while I didn’t pressure Alex to make a big move (I don’t think!) I would bring it up every now and then. 

Fast forward again to Easter Sunday 2012. We had brunch with our brother-in-law’s family at their beach house and spent some time talking with someone who had lived in Hawaii for a number of years. Anytime that we come across someone who had lived, or was currently living in Hawaii, Alex had a few questions for them.

On the way home from brunch, Alex turned to me and said “Let’s do it” and I said “OK!” so we called our parents and told them our big news and got to planning. 

easter brunch 2012

^ The day we decided to make the move!

Like with any big move, there was a lot to coordinate — shipping vehicles, belongings, making sure Rocco fit quarantine requirements, living situations, etc.

Luckily, I love doing that kind of thing so I got the ball rolling pretty quickly. First up, two one-way tickets to Honolulu!

one way tickets

^ one way tickets to Hawaii – woohoo!

Overall, I found the move to be pretty stress-free (as far as moving goes) but we had two big factors working in our favor (1) Alex already worked from home and was going to be able to continue with his same job from Hawaii (2) I have family that lives on Oahu so they were able to help us in so many ways, including finding us a rental home that we could move right into once we arrived!

September 2012 came pretty quickly and we said “adios” to California and “aloha” to our new home on Oahu. Of course, there are sacrifices that we had to make to be able to live and start a family here (being away from immediate family being the biggest) but it has been an awesome ride so far and we are truly loving our Hawaii life. 

moved-to-hawaii moved-to-hawaii

So that’s how we got here. 

If you are playing with the idea of moving here – or even have the slightest interest in seeing how you could find yourself here – stay tuned! I’m working on a step-by-step guide for moving to Hawaii and hope to have it finished soon. 

Have you ever made a big move? What was the hardest part for you? I would love to hear your stories! 


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