Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

2015 was good to us. Really, really good. 

(Warning: serious photo dump below. I have a problem)


IMG_3720 IMG_3936IMG_5062IMG_3860IMG_5406IMG_5385IMG_4864IMG_4112IMG_5257IMG_5219IMG_3883


IMG_6211IMG_6295IMG_6386IMG_6640 IMG_5496 IMG_5543 IMG_5795IMG_5856 IMG_5869


IMG_6916 IMG_6921 IMG_6956 IMG_7084 IMG_7844IMG_6702IMG_7162IMG_7585IMG_7615


IMG_7930 IMG_8345 IMG_8347IMG_8234IMG_8566IMG_8576IMG_8685IMG_8768IMG_9030IMG_9082IMG_9124IMG_9173


IMG_0334 IMG_9233 IMG_9469 IMG_9638 IMG_9719IMG_0269IMG_0678IMG_9303IMG_9431IMG_9451IMG_9772IMG_9782IMG_9931


IMG_1425 IMG_1447 IMG_1548 IMG_1597 IMG_1946 IMG_2074 IMG_2156 IMG_2417 IMG_2433 IMG_2436 IMG_2575


IMG_2745 IMG_2799 IMG_2865 IMG_2896 IMG_2966 IMG_2972 IMG_3250 IMG_3447 IMG_4279 IMG_4360 IMG_4455 IMG_4469 IMG_4559 IMG_4599IMG_3781IMG_3962IMG_4290IMG_3011IMG_3197


IMG_4892 IMG_5256 IMG_5322 IMG_5347IMG_4794IMG_4806IMG_5138IMG_5172IMG_5326IMG_5345IMG_5446IMG_5586


IMG_6088 IMG_6135 IMG_6356 IMG_6653 IMG_6700 IMG_6724 IMG_6752 IMG_6816IMG_6418 IMG_6862 IMG_6926 IMG_7105 IMG_7117


IMG_7440 IMG_7490 IMG_7653 IMG_7692 IMG_7749 IMG_7954 IMG_7974 IMG_8017 IMG_8086 IMG_8163 IMG_8224 IMG_8503 IMG_8585


IMG_0011 IMG_0065 IMG_0084 IMG_0088 IMG_0114 IMG_0138 IMG_0190 IMG_0274 IMG_0349 IMG_0875 IMG_8622 IMG_8843 IMG_8897 IMG_9054 IMG_9113 IMG_9440 IMG_9462 IMG_9540 IMG_9630 IMG_9832


IMG_0451 IMG_0509 IMG_0563 IMG_0576 IMG_0692 IMG_0741 IMG_0798 IMG_0901 IMG_1008 IMG_1046 IMG_1076 IMG_1102 IMG_1110 IMG_1153 IMG_1361 IMG_1388 IMG_1445 IMG_1478

Are you still here? 

I told you there were a lot of pictures. 

Since I don’t plan on being awake for the big countdown (unless Simon Earl decides he wants a little midnight snack), I decided to share the countdown of things I want to work on in the new year here:

10. give myself grace

9. teach Lyla how to swim

8. be present

7. eat clean(er)

6. lose the baby weight

5. cook my way through a cookbook

4. send more snail mail

3. open my Bible

2. have a “no spend” month

1. live intentionally

Happy New Year, folks! Have fun tonight, be safe and I’ll see you on the other side 🙂

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