Five things every mother of 2 needs

I’ve always heard that the transition from 1 child to 2 is the hardest. Which I find to be great news because having two little ones is a totally different ballgame than just one, but now that I have it *mostly* under control, it’s nice to know that next time wont be such a shock.

Potentially 😉

Over the weekend, I was thinking about what has helped me with the transition from 1 to 2 and I came up with this list…

mama's needs



Really though, these are the five things that I think every mother of 2 needs to survive…

  1. Coffee. Yes, it still made the list. The first few weeks were actually ok, because newborns sleep A LOT so I was very surprised at how much downtime I had when Simon was a wee one. Now that he has decided that naps are evil (sigh) I very rarely have quiet time to myself. Sleeping when the baby sleeps isn’t really an option here so coffee is key. 
  2. A mama tribe. Before becoming a mom, and even as a mother of just one, I always sort of laughed off those posts you see all over Facebook about “finding your mama tribe”. I was good. I had the whole mothering thing under control. (ha!) Sure, friends were great but I didn’t need them. After Simon was born, I found myself reaching out to other moms at the playground, asking them to keep an eye out on Lyla while I nursed Simon (and returning the favor), swapping “is this normal?!” stories, etc. Then, a friend recommended our local MOMSClub chapter so I checked it out and decided to join. It has been so amazing for not just me, but the kids and Alex too! We really have connected with some wonderful like-minded families that we can see being friends with for a very long time. Having a group of moms around you to go to the beach/playground/farmers market with is so nice and I totally get the mama tribe thing now. 
  3. An indulgence. No, coffee doesn’t count. Find something that you love to do and commit to doing that for a little bit each day. Me? I love to read and wish that I could spend a day lost in a good book. Obviously, that isn’t my current reality so, instead, I keep my kindle on my nightstand and read one chapter before bed. Even something small like that makes a huge difference on my mental state. 
  4. Sleep. Almost impossible, I know (see number 1) but it is SO important. Thankfully, Simon has been responding pretty well to sleep training so we are finally getting longer stretches of sleep but I know how it is to have a baby that wont sleep more than 2 hours for an entire year (ahem…Lyla). You really aren’t your best self when you are overtired though so try to squeeze in a little extra shut eye when you can. Maybe have one morning during the weekend where your husband gets up with whatever baby wakes up first and you can “sleep in” until the next one stirs 😉
  5. Her babies. Cheesy, I know, but so true. As crazy as they make me feel on some days, as soon as I get out of the house without them, I miss them. I love those nuggets. So, so much. 

What would you add to the list?

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