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Believe it or not, I do think about more than just food. I know that my recent blog posts would suggest otherwise but I promise it’s true. Today, I’m linking up with some of my favorite bloggers for “Five on Friday” to share five things [other than food] that have been on my mind lately. 


one || CRAFTS. I have about a billion project ideas in mind. There are so many things coming up that have high craft potential – spring, Easter, birthday parties, etc. – that I really have to narrow down my list before I run out of time and don’t do any of them. 

two || Lyla’s first birthday. Geeze a lou. I seriously can’t believe that next month I will have a one year old. We are throwing a party for her in the backyard and I have lots of planning to do.

three || Clothes. I have a really good idea for a clothing line. At least, I think so. It’s for kids and my designs so far are oh-so-adorable. Sadly, this dream probably will not come to fruition [unless you want to give me a loan] but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming! 

four || Summer! Sweet, sweet summer. We are taking a big trip to the mainland in July – splitting our time between California and Michigan. It will be really nice to catch up with family and friends that we only see a few times a year. I’ve watched my video of last year’s Michigan trip about twelve thousand times this week. Totally normal, right?

five || Fitness. Finding time to work out as a stay-at-home mom is harder than you probably realize. Especially with a ten month old who is walking, getting into everything and dealing with mama-separation anxiety. Any suggestions?!


5 on friday

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Happy Aloha Friday, y’all! 

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  1. Fitness Suggestion- at the Park create a little circuit you can do in between rescues and moving girl….push ups on the slide, squats over the swing, tricep dips and lunges next to her- you may look a little odd (as A&A always complain I do) but you can get the job done!

    Crafts and Food are not my Dept! LOL

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