eight days

Going through all of your shit things in preparation for a move is exhausting. We have just eight days left in Ewa Beach and it feels like there is SO much to do. This weekend, we had a garage sale and thankfully got rid of a bunch of stuff we were not planning on taking with us on the move. After that, we filled up the truck with a few things and made a trip to the new house. I am so thankful that we have the ability to gradually move our belongings, because seriously – we have way too much shit stuff.

Today’s feature on my “countdown to ‘goodbye'” series is our LIVE ALOHA | EAT ONO wall. It’s probably the most unique part of our house and definitely one of my favorites.

chalkboard wall dining room

Hawaii has SO much to offer both visitors and kama’aina [long-term resident of Hawaii]. When we moved here, we had a list of things we wanted to do and places we wanted to eat while living here and thought that this wall in our dining room would be the perfect place to keep track of our adventures. Thus, the “LIVE ALOHA | EAT ONO” wall was born.

We painted the wall using chalkboard paint and simply added all of our bucket list items to the wall. During our housewarming party, we asked all of our friends and family for their recommendations to make sure that our wall was nice and full.

Have we accomplished all of them? Not even close. But we have had a lot of fun trying!


Some of my favorites from the LIVE ALOHA side were when we took a sunset booze cruise off of Waikiki Beach with Addie, Doug and Madison.

And when Alex surprised me with a spa day for our anniversary.

And when we rode the Ewa Train on my birthday with Mimi and Keiko – it was so adorable.

And when we did an underwater photoshoot at Alan Davis with TSB and the talented Musashi

chalkboard dining room

We have had more delicious meals than I can count, but some of my favorites from the EAT ONO side were Boots & Kimo’s (that mac nut sauce – YUM), Kona Brewing Company, and Shokudo.

chalkboard wall in dining room

We will have to paint over the LIVE ALOHA | EAT ONO wall this week and I will be sad to see it go. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could leave it for the next family to live here?!

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