diy patriotic yarn wall hanging

Memorial Day is this weekend which means summer is here! patriotic-wall-hanging

I know, not officially but don’t kill my vibe, k?

Anyways, with Memorial Day being right around the corner my mind has been all: “three cheers for the red, white and blue” and “mmmm BBQ” and “SUMMER!!!” but my surroundings – ehhh, not so much. I decided that our little bungalow needed to step it’s game up and show a little patriotism by way of a craft that was easy enough to complete during naptime.

I settled on making a patriotic yarn wall hanging because I’ve been having major yarn wall art envy lately (yes, it’s a thing) since pictures like this and this keep popping up in my Pinterest feed. 

All you need to make your own patriotic yarn wall hanging is a dowel, yarn (red, white and blue assuming you love America as much as I do), a pair of scissors and some kind of string or rope to hang your masterpiece.


I was really loose in my design. I kept the outside bunches single colors (ex: a bunch of red yarn, a bunch of blue yarn, etc) but in the middle I mixed it up (blue and white yarn bunched together, red and blue yarn bunched together, etc). In areas where I though a braid would be fun, I made sure to put a little extra yarn. I didn’t keep count of how many yarn strings were going in each bunch and I wasn’t exact on the lengths since it was supposed to be a naptime craft and aintnobodygottimeforthat

Once all the yarn had been tied onto the dowel, I added a long piece of rope scrap and hung it up on the wall. I liked the way it looked, but decided that it needed a little somethin’ somethin’ so I added a few felt star stickers for good measure. Next time, I’ll probably use a few different types of yarn for texture. 


I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was definitely an easy project but took a lot longer than expected – who knew tying a bunch of yarn on a stick was so time consuming?! 

I hope you all have a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend. I am so grateful for all of the men and women who have selflessly given their lives to protect our freedoms. God bless them and their families and God Bless America.


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  1. Natasha you are so “darn yarn handy” I think yor creation is grand and you already have an interested young’in!

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