diy paper kite

Spring has officially sprung. And I can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful spring afternoon than being outside with my family. We have an awesome little park right down the street from our house that we love to visit. You can usually find us chasing Lyla around the playground but over the weekend, we switched it up and brought a kite along. 

As it always seems to do, my “let’s save our money and do it ourselves” side came out in full force and I decided that I could make as good a kite as any store bought one. 

DIY paper kite

You’ll have to keep reading to find out if it was a success. The suspense is killing you, I’m sure. 

I started by rolling out a big piece of butcher paper for us to decorate. We used paint and markers to cover our paper with all sorts of “springy” things. While the paint dried, I went on the hunt for materials to build our structure. Ideally, I would have found two, nice lightweight wooden dowels but it turns out I don’t live at City Mill (weird, right?) so a few packets of chopsticks were selected for the job. 

I used some washi tape to bind my chopsticks together in a large “T” formation and laid it on top of our butcher paper. Using the chopsticks as my guide, I cut around the shape leaving about 3 inches of paper on all sides which I then folded inwards and secured with more washi tape. 

Once the kite was built, we took it outside to add the finishing touches. We poked holes in the bottom to add some fancy-schmancy streamer tails and then attached a roll of baker’s twine to the middle of the kite. 

At this point it was looking pretty legit so we headed to the park to give it a test drive. 



See the kite that second picture? Yea, that was as high as it ever got. I can’t even lie to you and blame it on a lack of wind because those palm trees in the background give me away. Right after this it crashed and burned ripped. 

RIP my sweet little diy paper kite. 


Lyla was so embarrassed.

I think that the biggest problem was the chopstick/washi tape combination. While the washi tape looked pretty, it was less than ideal for keeping a bunch of flimsy sticks together. Especially when said sticks are being thrown against the wind. Next time, I will use the wooden dowels that I was looking for in the first place. Or maybe just suck it up and buy a plastic kite at the drug store. 

But it wasn’t a total fail. We found a tetherball set and Alex spent some time showing off his mad hops.  



I love him. 

What has been your biggest DIY blunder?

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