dear santa…

Dear Santa,

Hope you are getting the rest you need to prepare for your big trip! Going around the world in one night sounds pretty exhausting. As a new mommy, I can definitely relate. Hawaii should be one of your last stops so if you think you will be burnt out on cookies and milk and want a different kind of pick-me-up, you let me know.

It seems a little early to be making our Christmas lists but since you need time to prepare your list and check it twice, I figured I better get going on them. Don’t want you to have to wait for the last minute!

Lyla and I have been really good this year, but you already know that. The whole seeing us when we are sleeping and knowing when we are awake thing is borderline creepy, but since you are such a jolly fella I’m going to look past it.

Keeping with the newly established Byrd family tradition of “want, need, wear, read”, I’ve organized our lists as such. You’re welcome.

I went all out on the “want” section – in case you have elves looking for overtime. Also, I had a really hard time with the “need” section. We are very blessed to have all of our needs met – shelter, food and love are in abundance for my little Byrd bunch and we are so grateful for that. So just for list-making and theming purposes, I included toilet paper.

I hope you are a fast reader cause this letter was pretty long and you haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet! So without further adieu, our lists:

Mama’s Christmas List


WANT || a mom car – a Ford Explorer or minivan would be nice | iMac for blogging/photo editing/video making reasons | a delicate stacking ring to represent my not so delicate little lady

NEED || toilet paper

WEAR || this ezra + eli shirt | a new hat for morning when mama doesn’t get a shower

READ || a good cookbook | a daily devotional


Lyla’s Christmas List


WANT || these awesome wooden alphabet blocks | B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube 

NEED || diapers, I like Huggies and I wear size 3

WEAR || any of the adorable Tuck and Elle leggings | the ‘love one another’ t-shirt from Mama Said Tees | this sweet pineapple headband

READ || one of mama’s favorites, Madeline | The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter

We will see you real soon, Santa!


The Byrd ladies

**Disclaimer: I am very thankful for all the blessings I have in my life. I do not need, nor do I think I need, these things to be happy. They are just things. Writing a letter to Santa is just a fun little tradition. So there.

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