colorful christmas crib garland

felt christmas tree garland for baby

As I was pulling out more of our Christmas decorations this morning Lyla gave me a look that said “Mommy, which of these awesome things get to go in my room?”

I looked at what I had, and realized that our stash didn’t really have anything that was baby friendly so I broke the news to Lyla and immediately her tears started flowing. Ok, maybe she was crying because her bottom teeth are still trying to come through, but still.

From start to finish this project took me about 45 minutes, so for all you mamas out there, this is the perfect nap time craft.

I know, I know nap time is your time to brush your teeth, pay the bills, fold a basket of laundry, prep for dinner, make the bed, and finally get to drink that cup of coffee that you have reheated seventeen times this morning. Nap time is precious – but so is this garland.

crib garland materials


felt (assorted colors)

bakers twine


hot glue gun

glue stick

crib garland stencil

Step one: To ensure all of your trees are (relatively) the same size, make yourself a stencil. I freehanded my tree but if you aren’t confident in your tree-drawing abilities then I would suggest using a cookie cutter or printing a silhouette to use as your guide.

felt christmas trees

Step two: Place your stencil on a piece of colored felt and simply cut around. Repeat this step for each color of felt you are using. (At this point I turned on my hot glue gun so that it would be ready when I was)

felt christmas trees for garland

Step three: Arrange your trees in the order that you wish to hang them. Aren’t they cute?

christmas tree garland

Step four: Using your hot glue gun, place a pearl of glue onto the back of each tree. Push bakers twine into glue and allow to dry.

felt christmas tree garland on crib

Step five: hang garland on baby’s crib, step back and enjoy. And go finish that cup of coffee before baby wakes up 😉

** Please don’t leave your baby unattended with this hanging on their crib as shown. After taking these photos, we did move the garland below the mattress level so that Lyla will not be able to grab it and put the string/trees in her mouth **

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