Today, we woke up feeling refreshed after Lyla slept a full six-hour stretch.

Today, we took a nice walk around our new neighborhood with Rocco.

Today, we sipped fancy strawberry white chocolate coffee and facetimed with a cousin doing God’s work in Haiti.

Today, we made one last trip to the little blue house.

Today, we loaded up the truck with a big load of shit stuff for the dump.

Today, we (ok, just me) shed a few more tears as we did our final walkthrough.

Today, we turned in our keys.

aloha, little blue house

Today, we did a happy dance because we are finally done making trips between Ewa and Kahala.

Today, we came home to a sweet, smiley little girl.

Today, we are unpacking and turning our new place into a home.

Today, we are grateful for the blessings in our life.

Today, we start our new adventure.

the byrds



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two days

Just two days left in my countdown to “goodbye”.

There are more than two things left that I will miss about the little blue house, like our family walks around the neighborhood and our beach that was only steps away from our front door. But today I decided to focus on one of the most important parts of our home. The people who lived inside of it.

For a long time, the little blue house was the “Byrd/Behm Hut” where me, Alex (the Byrds) and my cousin Addie (the Behm) all lived. Oh, and Rocco too ūüėČ

We decorated, we laughed, we cooked, and we ate on repeat. We were an awesome four-some and I can’t imagine our little blue house any other way.

byrds, behm, rocco

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Addie is out on an epic adventure now. We miss her (especially Rocco) and hope she is having the best time.  Now that she is gone, it seems only fair that we move on from the little blue house since it was the people that made that house special.

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three days

I am exhausted.

We spent our entire weekend (plus Friday) moving into our new place.¬†As I’m sure you know, moving takes forrreeevvvveerrrr. It takes even longer when you have a baby to entertain.¬†Thankfully, we had lots of extra helping hands to help the move go smoothly.

Technically, the little blue house is still ours for three more days. (which is good because the dishwasher and fridge are still full)

Our new place is coming along well. It’s quaint and charming. I can’t wait to fill it up with memories.

As Alex and I drove away tonight, we shared with each other some of our favorite memories from our house on Erne. Even though we had more life there without Lyla than with, we realized that our favorite memories revolved around her.

So it’s only fitting that I share with you today her nursery. Except, I’m pressed for time because of the move so today you will only get small pieces of the room. The way that it looked this morning before we made another trip to the new place. The quick pictures I could grab on my phone.


image (1) copy


image (1)


image (3)

When I think about it, everything in her nursery is coming to the new house.

Like her little white crib. And the rocking chair that Alex made for us. The basket that is over-flowing with stuffed animals. The itty-bitty clothes hanging in the closet. The dream-catcher hanging in the middle of the room. Her books.

Those four walls hold so much love. Not just from us, or from the time we spent in there reading books before bedtime. But the love from our family and friends who helped us welcome our  sweet baby girl.

All of her things are coming with us. So is the love. And I am so thankful for that.

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four days

It’s hard to believe we only have four more days to call the little blue house ours.

Four more sunrises.

sunrise ewa beach

And four more sunsets.

sunset ewa beach

The community we live in is in the perfect spot to catch both the sunrises and sunsets. Pretty lucky, huh? Photos never even come close to doing them justice.

I’ll miss admiring the painted skies while walking Rocco around the lagoon. And waking up extra early on Christmas morning to sit on the beach and watch the sunrise with Addie.

But the good news is, the sun rises and the sun sets no matter where we are and little blue house or not, I plan on getting out there and enjoying them.

Life is good.

*PC: my cousin, Addie, who is on an adventure of a lifetime right now

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five days

The kitchen is the heart of the home. At least, it’s the heart of¬†my¬†home.


Our kitchen in the little blue house is far from my dream kitchen but I love it just the same. Cooking for my family brings me joy and I am thankful that I have had this space to do that in the past two years.

I have a lot of memories attached to this kitchen – probably my favorite being when I told Alex I was pregnant by putting a cinnamon bun in the oven. (bun in the oven – get it?!)

I’ll miss this kitchen. But our new place has a kitchen too, and it’s pretty darn cute.

Of course, this little reminder from our sweet friend, Naomi will be making the trip too…


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six days

I will always remember our “welcome” to Erne Avenue. It was one of our first days on the island. We were busily unpacking our things when the doorbell rang. It was our neighbor, Charron, inviting us over for a beer.¬†She told us that she lived across the street and that¬†whenever we were ready for a break, that we should come over.

So we did.

It was there that we met her boyfriend, Jasen. And our other neighbors, Jenny & Steve. We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beers, swinging in the hammock and getting to know each other.

It was then that I knew life on Erne was going to be good.

erne ave, ewa beach

The group of us became really close and we always had a good time when we were together. It was so awesome having a great bunch of people within walking distance. We had a great thing going Рit felt like we won the neighbor lottery.

Two years later, we are the last ones standing. Everyone has moved away for various reasons and new families have moved into the houses our friends left behind. Although I will miss our sleepy little street, I almost feel like it’s time for us to move on too.

I like to imagine that the next people to live in our little blue house will become great friends with their new neighbors and that the cycle will repeat itself – like there is some weird little triangular connection between our houses. A girl can dream, right?

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seven days

Today marks the start of our last week in the little blue house.

When I turned in our notice to vacate back at the beginning of the month, I comforted myself with the fact that we still had a month left. I never could have imagined how fast that month would go.

I’m really going to miss our carport. I know that it seems like a pretty weird thing to miss, but as I sat down to think about my favorite parts of our house that one popped into my head almost immediately.


I loved sitting against the carport on random,¬†winter days trying to warm up in beautiful, Hawaiian sun. (I could use a “cold” winter day right about now)


I love the little bird feeder that we hung from the carport. We picked the one that looked like a little red barn because it reminded us of the pharm. We haven’t had any seed in there for months but I still catch birds chillin’ there from time to time which makes me happy.

pregnancy photo - week 14

The biggest reason that¬†I love the carport is because it served as the backdrop for my weekly pregnancy pictures. It seems like it was yesterday, not a year ago, that we stepped outside to take our first photo of my growing belly. We started them at week 14, when we made the news of our growing family public. I thought I was showing big time in that picture — so funny.

pregnancy photo week 40

From weeks 14 to 40 I marched waddled out into the yard and lined up against the carport to see how much my belly had grown. It was so much fun to check the progress from week to week. I love looking back at these pictures. Especially week 40 because just three days later, miss Lyla made her grand entrance.

When I look at these pictures, all sorts of emotions come flooding back to me. Excitement. Anxiety. Impatience. Love.

I look at this picture and laugh because I had NO idea how hard my world was going to be rocked. No idea how much love I would have for our tiny human. No idea how hard labor was going to be. No idea that my love and respect for Alex could grow the astronomical amounts that it did. No idea how fun it was going to be to be a mommy.

newborn baby

We were home from the hospital by the time Lyla’s¬†due date rolled around so, of course, we had to grab one more¬†shot in front of the carport. It was hot that day, and in total new mama-bear fashion I was afraid of keeping my nugget in the sun for too long.I was bummed that I still looked six months pregnant (really, I don’t know what I was expecting). I was exhausted in only a way a new parent can be – so exhausted that I gave her an extra inch on this announcement (whoops!).

I’m sure that I will want document our future pregnancies in a similar fashion and when that time comes, hopefully I can find as good a background as our trusty, blue carport.

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