DIY Christmas tree garland for kids

Since becoming a mom, my preference for holiday decorations has become much more whimsical. I used to be obsessed with all of our decorations matching each other. White was the name of the game. I would never even think about having colored lights on the tree but, now I say the more color the better! 

Christmas tree garland for kids


The colorful Christmas tree garland that I made for Lyla last year fits my new decorating style perfectly. It’s bright, colorful, and has that homemade touch that screams Christmas to me. 

You can check out the tutorial I posted last year here. Trust me, they are SUPER easy – even in my tired mom of two state I plan on making a few more strands of it this year to hang around the house. Maybe I’ll try a shape other than Christmas trees – any suggestions?


For all of you who are playing along in our Home for the Holidays bloghop, I can’t wait to see what fun recipes and crafts you all have in store for us today. Share your links below!


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DIY Photo Strip Bookmarks

As the summer starts winding down, so does the busy wedding season which is always a bummer because I love weddings. I also love photo booths. So when the bride and groom bring a photo booth to their wedding, I am one happy camper.


The photo strips are such a fun souvenir but I never really knew what to do with them once we got home. Do I hang them on the fridge? Put them in a frame? Cut them up into wallet photos?! After our friend’s wedding last weekend, I brought home our photo strips and was determined to figure out a creative way to keep them displayed. 

Enter the photo strip bookmark. 

photo strip bookmark

These were insanely easy to make and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before! If you have any fun photo strips laying around, I highly suggest you make these ASAP!


SUPPLIES || single-hole punch, scissors, heavy card stock, glue, photo strips and embellishments (I used embroidery floss and some seashell pendants but you could substitute with your favorite ribbon, beads, feathers, etc)


STEP 1 || Glue your photo strips onto your heavy cardstock. Once dry, cut to size. 


STEP 2 || Punch a hole into the top of your photo strip while ignoring my poor, neglected nails. 


STEP 3 || String your embellishments through the punched hole.


STEP 4 || Insert bookmark into your favorite book and enjoy!

 Insanely easy, right? I told you! What is your favorite wedding souvenir?

Shoutout to my girl, Ali, for originally featuring this on her blog. Check out A Dream Crafter for some fun back to school project tutorials and an awesome tic-tac-toe game . Happy crafting!

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diy patriotic yarn wall hanging

Memorial Day is this weekend which means summer is here! patriotic-wall-hanging

I know, not officially but don’t kill my vibe, k?

Anyways, with Memorial Day being right around the corner my mind has been all: “three cheers for the red, white and blue” and “mmmm BBQ” and “SUMMER!!!” but my surroundings – ehhh, not so much. I decided that our little bungalow needed to step it’s game up and show a little patriotism by way of a craft that was easy enough to complete during naptime.

I settled on making a patriotic yarn wall hanging because I’ve been having major yarn wall art envy lately (yes, it’s a thing) since pictures like this and this keep popping up in my Pinterest feed. 

All you need to make your own patriotic yarn wall hanging is a dowel, yarn (red, white and blue assuming you love America as much as I do), a pair of scissors and some kind of string or rope to hang your masterpiece.


I was really loose in my design. I kept the outside bunches single colors (ex: a bunch of red yarn, a bunch of blue yarn, etc) but in the middle I mixed it up (blue and white yarn bunched together, red and blue yarn bunched together, etc). In areas where I though a braid would be fun, I made sure to put a little extra yarn. I didn’t keep count of how many yarn strings were going in each bunch and I wasn’t exact on the lengths since it was supposed to be a naptime craft and aintnobodygottimeforthat

Once all the yarn had been tied onto the dowel, I added a long piece of rope scrap and hung it up on the wall. I liked the way it looked, but decided that it needed a little somethin’ somethin’ so I added a few felt star stickers for good measure. Next time, I’ll probably use a few different types of yarn for texture. 


I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was definitely an easy project but took a lot longer than expected – who knew tying a bunch of yarn on a stick was so time consuming?! 

I hope you all have a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend. I am so grateful for all of the men and women who have selflessly given their lives to protect our freedoms. God bless them and their families and God Bless America.


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quick and easy easter place card

Easter is just around the corner. Seems like it snuck up on us this year, huh?

If you are still putting the final touches on your Easter brunch menu  – and haven’t had much time to think about table decor – then I am here to save the day!

These quick and easy Easter place cards are…well, quick and easy! 

quick and easy easter place card

To make the place cards, you will need a few empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls (depending on how many people you are hosting), green paint, a pair of scissors, hard boiled eggs and a sharpie. 

Start by painting the outside of your paper rolls. While drying, you can start boiling your eggs.

Once the paint is dry, use your scissors and cut in blades of grass. Once you have them all cut, you will want to paint the visible parts of the inside as well so you don’t have two-toned grass. Unless that’s what you’re going for 😉

When the eggs are finished, dry them off and write the names of each guest towards the top of the egg. 

Place the egg in your cardboard grass and you’re done! 

Not a hard-boiled egg fan? This would also work well with colored plastic eggs. Bonus points if you hide treasures inside like chocolate, or a “you get to be served first” ticket (not which sure which one is the better deal)

Happy Easter! 


P.S. This is my first post in my new “make it fast Monday” series. See you next week!  

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colorful christmas crib garland

felt christmas tree garland for baby

As I was pulling out more of our Christmas decorations this morning Lyla gave me a look that said “Mommy, which of these awesome things get to go in my room?”

I looked at what I had, and realized that our stash didn’t really have anything that was baby friendly so I broke the news to Lyla and immediately her tears started flowing. Ok, maybe she was crying because her bottom teeth are still trying to come through, but still.

From start to finish this project took me about 45 minutes, so for all you mamas out there, this is the perfect nap time craft.

I know, I know nap time is your time to brush your teeth, pay the bills, fold a basket of laundry, prep for dinner, make the bed, and finally get to drink that cup of coffee that you have reheated seventeen times this morning. Nap time is precious – but so is this garland.

crib garland materials


felt (assorted colors)

bakers twine


hot glue gun

glue stick

crib garland stencil

Step one: To ensure all of your trees are (relatively) the same size, make yourself a stencil. I freehanded my tree but if you aren’t confident in your tree-drawing abilities then I would suggest using a cookie cutter or printing a silhouette to use as your guide.

felt christmas trees

Step two: Place your stencil on a piece of colored felt and simply cut around. Repeat this step for each color of felt you are using. (At this point I turned on my hot glue gun so that it would be ready when I was)

felt christmas trees for garland

Step three: Arrange your trees in the order that you wish to hang them. Aren’t they cute?

christmas tree garland

Step four: Using your hot glue gun, place a pearl of glue onto the back of each tree. Push bakers twine into glue and allow to dry.

felt christmas tree garland on crib

Step five: hang garland on baby’s crib, step back and enjoy. And go finish that cup of coffee before baby wakes up 😉

** Please don’t leave your baby unattended with this hanging on their crib as shown. After taking these photos, we did move the garland below the mattress level so that Lyla will not be able to grab it and put the string/trees in her mouth **

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