Year of the Byrds 14/52

Lisa and Kyle get here tomorrow. 

Here as in Hawaii.

The Sargents.

In our house.



I’m so excited for my favorite Georgia peaches to be visiting us this week! I’ve been not so patiently counting the days until their arrival since they booked their tickets in December. I wasn’t sure if the last week was going to be the fastest (because I had a million things to do) or  the slowest (because I’m so excited) week ever. 

Turned out to be the fastest. 



We started out our week with the most untraditional of Easters. My cousin, Hokulea, was in a big soccer tournament (who schedules a tournament Easter weekend?!) so instead of our usual sunrise service at the beach we all met up at the field and cheered her on to victory! (and stuffed our faces with McDonalds – whoops)





Monday came and the weather was just too beautiful not to be at the beach, so we hit the Ko’Olina lagoons with Uncle Trey. He built that awesome Mickey head since we were at the lagoon that backs up to the Aulani property. #unofficialhiddenmickey Simon Earl loved splashing in the water with mom and Lyla loved feeding Simon Earl sunscreen. (kidding, mother)


On Tuesdays my auntie watches dem babies for a few hours so I can have some “me” time. Apparently, “me” time usually involves breakfast food and a good book. Two weeks in a row and I’m not mad šŸ˜‰


Simon Earl AKA chunk master AKA the cutest 4 month old I ever did see had his checkup this week. He’s 26 inches long and just under 16 pounds – the same numbers Lyla checked in with at her nine month appointment. Big boy is big. He is happy and healthy as can be – praise God!


This little munchkin is non-stop fun. Her favorite trick this week is to pretend to be asleep. Except, in this photo she actually is sleeping. With a t-shirt that she turned into a skirt. After bouncing in her crib for 30 minutes singing “Let It Go” at the top of her lungs, just loving life. You can’t make this stuff up. 



Right before Alex calls to tell me he’s on his way home from work, my kids catch a case of the crazies. Everyday. So to pass the time until dad gets home, I load them up in the stroller and just cruise the neighborhood. I love my view šŸ˜‰

Have a great weekend!!



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Year of the Byrds 13/52

Week thirteen AKA Lyla’s dream week. We played hard this week and she loved every minute of it. 


We decorated eggs at our neighborhood’s Easter event…


… and met bunnies at the library…

10 9

…we played at the playground…

13 12

…a lot…

daiy3 dairy4 dairy2 dairy

…we visited a dairy farm…


…checked out the monk seal hanging on our beach…


…took a few sink baths…


…Dad gave Simon his first (successful) bottle…

chuck2 chuck1

…and we went to Chuck E. Cheese. 

Tired yet?


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Aulani Staycation

We love having visitors. Especially of the family variety šŸ˜‰

Last month, Alex’s sister and her family came to visit us for a week and Papa joined too. We were lucky enough to join them at Aulani for a few nights. It was so much fun watching the cousins play together. Lyla still talks about it – “Emmy. G. Papa. Huwa (hula). Fish! Kick kick kick (for swimming)” – and we watch this video on repeat. It’s so sweet. 

DSC_1052 DSC_1056 DSC_1114 DSC_1162 DSC_1199 DSC_1209 DSC_1238 DSC_1255 DSC_1258aulani staycation

Can’t wait until next time!

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Motherhood Messes

Iā€™m linking up with some sweet moms to talk about messes. Check out the links to their blogs at the bottom of my post. 



If having a toddler (and a baby – and a husband ;)) isn’t messy, then I don’t know what is. 

Anything and everything that can be spilled onto the floor, IS spilled onto the floor. 

Every crayon, marker, pencil, piece of chalk finds a way onto to a wall, the couch, etc. 

Every wall in the house boasts some kind of smudge mark about 3 feet up from the floor.

Mom’s outfit is ruined in less time than it took to put on. 

My car constantly looks like a hurricane blew threw it. 

The heights of our laundry piles are pretty impressive. You know, if you’re impressed by that kind of thing. 

Sometimes, this drives me crazy. I don’t want it to, but it does. 

But, I’ve started to embrace the mess. The books scattered around the living room. The dishes piled sky high. The colorful pieces of chalk that I find hiding in every room of the house. 

These are signs that we are living. We spend time together, exploring and learning. We share good meals together, nourishing our bodies. We play, we laugh, we love. 

All too soon these messes will be gone. The house will feel too tidy. My car will feel empty. I’ll miss the smudge marks on the walls. 

Motherhood is messy, but it is so so good. 


Lisa |  Alexis | Christy | Amber

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Year of the Byrds 12/52

“It’s Aloha Friday, no work till Monday. Doo be doo, doo doo be, doo be doo be doo be doo!” We had an awesome week but I am so happy that it’s the weekend – I love me some special family time. 

Here’s a peek at our last week…

garage sale

We participated in our neighborhood’s big garage sale morning on Saturday. Auntie brought some of her stuff to sell too. I made a whopping five dollars, and I think she made eight. Luckily, we were able to drop our leftovers off at a donation site and the money they make with it will go towards the elementary school so it wasn’t a total bust. Plus, it feels great to have all of those treasures out of our house. 


Simon Earl started sitting! This isn’t the best picture I’ve ever taken but Simon’s little face is too cute not to share. 


Vanilla chia seed pudding is bae. That is all.


The clouds this week were E P I C. How great is our God?!


Shopped so hard we closed down the Costco lane. 


Our double jogger has been a lifesaver this week. We all get a little stir crazy in the late afternoon when we are waiting for Alex to get home so going for long walks/jogs helps a lot!


Ohhhh my sweet boy. 


There is a standing playdate at our neighborhood beach on Thursday mornings. So nice to have some social time out in the sun. 


This little beach bum and his big ol’ belly. 


Of course, we had green beer on St. Patrick’s Day! With a side of corned beef sandwiches šŸ˜‰

Have a great weekend! 


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Toddler Easter Egg Craft

I realized the other day that it had been a while since I put together a good craft project for Lyla. We’ve been spending a lot of time tracing her hands (and feet, and body) and eating playing with chalk, but no real “organized” craft time. 

Originally, I had visions of us sitting around the table, carefully dying a big bunch of bright eggs. BUT then I remembered that careful and toddler don’t belong in the same sentence. At all. So, I figured construction paper eggs were the next best thing. Plus, decorating paper eggs would be a lot cleaner, right?

toddler easter egg craft

toddler easter egg craft


While she was napping (and Simon Earl was in his jumper) I cut out four large Easter eggs from construction paper. I was a little rushed and my eggs turned out to be all different shapes and sizes – let’s pretend it was a planned lesson in diversity, k?

I also brought out a bunch of fun craft stuff: markers, watercolors, shiny jewels, feathers, Scrabble tiles, etc. If it was in my craft storage – it came out! We play with markers and paint a lot so I was curious to see if she would into the jewels, tiles, etc. and she definitely was.

I started by placing a big line of glue across an egg and then showed her how to press the jewel to the paper. It was a lot of fun to watch her sort through the pile to find the perfect jewel to put on her egg next. After placing each one, she would look up at me and say “WOOOW”.

She’s a heart melter. 

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Motherhood Motivations

I’m linking up with some sweet moms to talk about our motivators. Check out the links to their blogs at the bottom of my post. 

motherhood motivations

As much as I hate to admit it, I think that motherhood can get pretty lonely.

On paper, it doesn’t look like it should be. As a mother, I have two other people with me all the time. These people love me and want to be on around me constantly. I share my meals and run all of my errands with them. We play and workout as a team. We are always together. Around 4 o’clock, Dad comes home and then it’s the four of us. Playing and walking and eating and laughing. We love each other. We have fun together. We have a strong family unit. 

But I still get lonely. 

Maybe it’s the lack of “adult” conversation. Most of my days are spent explaining things at a toddler level. I’ve adopted some of my favorite Lyla language – like “gulk gulk” for milk and “oh boy!” for Mickey Mouse. 

Maybe it’s the lack of alone time with my husband. I love when he’s home. Not just for the extra helping hands or for the (interrupted) adult conversation. I love when he’s home simply because I love him. As soon as he walks in the door, I long to just be with him. To curl up on the couch and watch one of our favorite shows together, to walk down to the beach hand-in-hand, to just be together. But, lately, our TV is usually tuned to some animated show and our hands are full of babies instead of each other’s. 

Whatever the reason, it’s there, and I’m sure that I’m not the only mom who feels it.

I’m also sure that I’m not the only mom who feels guilty for feeling this way. 


Marrying Alex was the best decision I have ever made. Our two children bring me so much joy its inexplicable. I feel incredibly grateful everyday that I am able to stay home full time to take care of our babies. I love the life that we have built together. I love the season of life that we are in. I’m happy. 

Loneliness shouldn’t have a place in my world but, unfortunately, it finds a way to sneak in every once in a while and put me into a funk. 

When things get a little funky, Alex is great at helping me see the other side. He is patient and up-lifting. He picks up my slack without being asked. He’s a true partner. Through his actions, he reminds me of what is important. 

All too soon, “gulk gulk” will be a thing of the past and I will be having “adult” conversations with her. Our babies will be too big to be carried, leaving our hands free for holding (and, you know, wiping away our tears). 

As much as the loneliness isn’t welcome or appreciated, I know that it’s a part of motherhood. Without it, motherhood just wouldn’t be the same. Motherhood is an all consuming change-your-life-in-ways-you-didn’t-know-it-could-change kind of job. It’s a job that I will have for the rest of my life, so I want to make sure I give it my best shot.

I want my children to be happy.

I want my children to be well-adjusted. 

I want my children to be kind.

I want my children to be hard workers. 

I want my children to have empathy.

I want my children to have a relationship with the Lord. 

I want my children to have dreams. 

I want my children to have passion. 

I want my children to feel safe. 

I want my children to feel supported. 

I want my children to know my love. 

Lyla and Simon (and Alex!) are my motivators. I am forever grateful for them. 

Lisa W. | Alexis | Lindsey | Farrah | Tiffany |Heather | Katie 


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