Cake Smash

I know, I know. You’re tired of posts about Lyla’s birthday. I don’t blame you. And I promise this is the last one. Promise. 

Lyla's Birthday Smash

A few months ago a local photographer had posted that she was looking for a baby who would be celebrating their first birthday in April or May for a cake smash photo shoot aaaaand it just so happens that I know a baby that fit the bill so I contacted Karena and we set something up. 

Lyla's Birthday Smash

Karena had an awesome studio set up in her home. She was very warm and welcoming and made the whole experience so easy and fun. I was a little unsure of how Lyla would do because sitting still is not her jam but Karena kept her happy and entertained. I was such a proud little mama. 

Lyla's Birthday Smash

Lyla's Birthday Smash

I got copies of the photos today and I may or may not have teared up a little. Thank you, Karena! 


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  1. Your life could not be any better!!!
    You just keep posting about ALL of it. I smile every time I read your smart musings and I delight in all the photo snips of the Byrd life

  2. My grand daughter is a MODEL! WOW. These are incredible pictures, what a tremendous gift. THANK YOU to Karena!

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