the byrds flew east

We are back in sunny, beautiful Hawaii! Did you miss us?

We have actually been back for a while now but both me and Alex caught a bug while on the mainland (which always seems to happen) and are just getting back to speed. Between battling a cold, giant mountains of laundry (seriously,¬†mountains), a broken computer charger and taking care of girl I haven’t had a chance to update this little blog until now.

This mama hasn’t had her coffee yet so I already feel like I’m rambling. I’m going to stop that and share with you some pictures of our big trip (the California portion, at least) – that’s what you came here for right?!

Santa Barbara Zoo train

A little “behind the scenes” action for you, ha!

Santa Barbara Zoo family

Faria Beach


Family Ventura Pier

Girlfriend did not enjoy her first swing experience. Mostly because she was cold. She started shivering right after this picture. #parentsoftheyear




In true Natasha fashion, I got more video clips than photos so be on the lookout for a video recap of the trip soon! (if you care)

And if you want to check out some of our phone pictures, check out our Instagram hashtag #thebyrdsflyeast

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