be you, bravely

Sometimes I struggle creating content for this blog. Not because I am short on ideas, it’s actually quite the opposite. My thoughts are constantly flooded with ideas for how I can expand my brand. I’m always dreaming up recipe ideas, composing blog posts in my head, and imagining what will be inside NBE’s next celebration box. You will always find a journal in my purse, filled with notes I jot down to remind myself of these fun ideas. Once I get home, I step into the office full of confidence and excitement…

…and then I hit a wall.

All of those awesome creative and productive thoughts almost instantly turn into feelings of doubt. I don’t lose excitement over my ideas, but I wrestle with myself wondering what other people will think.

I am very blessed to have a great number of talented, creative and successful people in my life. Many of my friends and family have taken their passions and turned them into profitable ventures and I honestly couldn’t be happier for them. Their journeys are inspiration to me and I turn to them for advice when needed. And while it’s a blessing to have these wonderful examples of success at my fingertips, it sometimes becomes my biggest roadblock.

Be You Bravely

See, a lot of times friends and family share similar interests right? That’s usually a good thing, as that is what brings you together. But, when you start to build a business around your personal talents and interests, and you are surrounded by family and friends who have done the same you start to feel a little un-original. And really, when you are pouring your heart and soul into developing your brand, the last thing you want to feel is un-original.

I try to remind myself that I am not the first person to feel this way. Almost every small business owner has had to overcome the fact that they aren’t the first. But just because they aren’t the first, doesn’t mean that they are un-original. Every successful business has something special that sets themselves apart from the others which, in turn, makes them original.

I am actively working on breaking down this wall of apprehensiveness. Trying to get past the thoughts of “sure, I would love to add that to my repertoire but “so and so” already does that” that I encounter on a regular basis. Because really, “so and so” wasn’t the first to do it and I definitely will not be the last. All I can do is be true to myself, follow my passion and see where it leads me. If I do what I love, and do it to the best of my ability I will be happy.

There will always be people who compare me to other like-minded business owners. Comparisons are a part of daily life – from department stores to Italian restaurants. Just because Olive Garden and Buca Di Beppo both serve eggplant parmesan doesn’t mean that one restaurant is mimicking the other, right?

Of course, getting to the point of having complete confidence in what I do will take some time. But I truly feel that getting these thoughts written down and sharing them with you all has helped me come to a peace about moving forward with things that I want to do. So thanks for reading, and cheers (non-alcoholic for baby, of course) to living bravely.

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  1. You are one of the most creative and original people I know. You inspire me daily and I love that you are following your passions and turning your dreams into something amazing. Get it girl!

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