baby’s first hurricane

Well folks, Lyla survived her first hurricane. [applause]

hurricane ana

It really wasn’t too exciting. Hurricane Ana decided to play nice and turn south of Hawaii before hitting and causing too much damage. (thanks, Ana) Instead, she just left us with some rain.

Lots and lots of rain.

All that rain made for an incredibly cozy weekend. We stayed inside, watched movies and played with girl. When there was a break from the heavy rain, we went into the backyard for some pictures. Everyone knows mama loves a good photoshoot!

dad, baby dog rain

DSC_0237 copy

DSC_0267 copy

DSC_0268 copy

We had big plans to take Lyla to the Honolulu Zoo on Saturday which we had to postpone. You can see how she felt about that…

baby daddy rain

* I didn’t teach her that

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