apple cider

October is here!

For me, there is something almost magical about October first. It’s the date when fall really, truly arrives. It’s when the air is cleaner, the colors are more subdued, and the excitement of the season is at it’s peak. It’s when I have completely let go of summer and started dreaming of cozy nights at home, pumpkin patches, and warm food. I am almost immediately overwhelmed with the number of recipes I want to try, decorations I want to put up, and parties I want to host.

But this year, I wont be overwhelmed. I’ve got my plans and I’m sticking to them. And I couldn’t be more excited about any of them.

First up on my list of recipes to try? Apple cider. Is there any drink that screams “fall” to you more than apple cider?! (if so, please let me know so it can get on my list ASAP!) One of my husband’s favorite fall treats is this apple cider from Trader Joe’s. Sadly, there are no Trader Joe’s in Hawaii so I knew that I had to make a substitution for him this year.

apple cider from natashabyrd on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy!

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