5 reasons to visit a Disney park with young children

5 reasons to visit Disney with young children

It’s no secret that Disney parks are a favorite vacation destination of mine. Always have been and probably always will be.

Thanks to my parents, I’ve been visiting the parks since before I can remember. Even though I never second-guessed their actions, I used to swear that I would never be one of “those” people who took their children to Disney before they were old enough to appreciate it.

My best friend (and fellow Disney lover, Lisa) was in the same boat. We would joke that before taking our children to the parks, we would quiz them on Disney trivia with a set of flash cards to determine if they were ready. (ha!)


^ baby Natasha with her pal Mickey Mouse 😉


^ Me and my cousin Addie with our girl Snow White

I guess you really should never say never!

Only six-months into parenthood I found myself at the Walt Disney World Resort with infant in tow. Lisa and I had signed up to run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and I was still breastfeeding Lyla so I couldn’t leave her behind (not that I wanted to). A little over six months later we were on the mainland visiting family and we spent a few days at the Disneyland Resort.

Both trips were great and I never regretted becoming one of “those” people. In fact, I highly recommend that parents plan a trip to a Disney park while their children are “too young”. Here are five reasons why:

[1] They are free! Face it, Disney gets a lot of flack for their high ticket prices. Travel expenses quickly add up for any vacation destination and once you start adding on ticket and dining packages the price of a Disney vacation can be hard to swallow. As long as you visit the parks within the first 1,094 days of your child’s life, they will be free! For our family, this could be a potentially huge savings as we will have two who fit that criteria for a while – might as well take advantage of that. 


^first visits are delicious

[2] It’s not just for kids. I know this is a hard for people to believe who haven’t visited the parks before but I swear it’s true. I’ve had to defend myself on this more times than I care to count but there are tons of things at the parks and resorts that are adult-oriented. Things like the International Food & Wine Festival. Or the various signature dining options. (hello, Victoria & Albert’s) And then there is my favorite, La Cava del Tequila.


^me and mi madre at La Cava del Tequila. The horchata margarita is SO good

[3] The food. Again, a major misconception that people have when they think about visiting a Disney park is that the food is mediocre and the prices are way too inflated. At both the Anaheim and Orlando locations, there are tons of dining options that would put those nay-sayers in their places. If you are a big foodie, you can always skip the ho-hum, uninspired counter service meals all together (although, I would argue that there are a lot of really great counter service options too) in favor for unique, exciting (and Zagat rated) full-service restaurants. There truly is something for every palate and if you do your research I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 


^ My brother with his fun dessert at 50’s Prime Time Cafe

[4] The parks are stimulating. Moms, dads and caretakers of all kinds are always trying to think up new ways to make sure our children are being stimulated and challenged, right? I would argue that the Disney parks are like a sensory activities on steroids. The music, bright colors, and general hustle and bustle of the parks and resorts are appealing to the little ones and they are easily entertained simply by being there. 


^Lyla taking in her surroundings

[5] The memories. Sure, Lyla isn’t going to remember our first few trips to Disney but she isn’t going to remember our trips to the pumpkin patch either. She wont remember the time we spent on the mainland visiting extended family, or the weekly classes at the local children’s gym that we took her to for months – but we will! Plus, babies totally feed off of their parents’ emotions. So, if mom and dad can let loose and get their happy on in a fun, family-friendly place then those good vibes are going to spill onto the kids. Happy mom & dad equals happy kids equals happy memories that will last a lifetime. 


^making memories with her daddy 

If you are on the fence about taking your family to Disney because your little ones are – well, too little – I say go for it! Have fun, make memories, take lots of pictures, and thank me later 😉

** This post isn’t sponsored or anything, just my professional opinion 


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