5 Favorite Self-Care Items for Fall

It’s scary how easy it is to let self-care fall onto the back burner once you become a mom. My days (and let’s face it, my nights too) are filled with taking care for others. It’s a 24/7 job.  


^^ need to take care of myself so that I can take care of them!

It may have taken me a little over two years, but I’ve realized that when I neglect to put myself first sometimes, I really don’t function at my best. That’s why I’m making a point to spend time taking care of me this fall. 

As much as I wish that this self-care involved a full day at the spa or weekly trips to the nail salon, reality doesn’t permit that. Instead, I’ve got to find ways to take care of myself at home.

I’m sharing my 5 favorite self-care items for fall that are helping me get that much-needed “me” time in hopes that it can inspire some other mamas who are in desperate need of some too.

Our Skin Cares

OUR Skin Cares Anti-Aging Serum. The sweet people over at OUR Skin Cares were gracious enough to send me a bottle of their Anti-Aging Serum recently in exchange for an honest review. I have been using it for a few weeks now and, honestly, I could not be happier with it. I’ll admit, at first I felt a little silly using an anti-aging product because, well, I’m not old 😉 BUT I had been feeling like my face had been looking old lately (i.e. looser skin, larger pores, etc.) and that was starting to bum me out. 

I started noticing a different right away, especially in the fine wrinkles around my eyes but the most noticeable difference to me is in the tone of my skin. The OUR Skin Cares Anti-Aging Serum has started to even out the sun-damaged skin on my face and neck – something that this Hawaii mama is very thankful for! 

Something else that I am thankful for is that this company has put a huge emphasis on giving back to children in need around the world. For each bottle sold, they provide 2 children with a months worth of meals through their partnership with Food for the Poor. Amazing right? I love when good products are backed by an even better cause. 


^^ two thumbs up for a great product with a great cause

The new addition to my skin care routine is a great daily dose of self-care. Other ways that I’m investing in myself include a new bottle of nail polish (I’ve decided navy blue is my color for fall), a nice blend of “fall” essential oils running through the diffuser, wearing lemon halves on my cracked heels to help get rid of dead skin (got this idea here – the jury is still out on this one), and by listening to encouraging podcasts whenever I have a spare minute (I’ve been loving the archives of Sally Clarkson’s podcast)

How do you make taking care of yourself a priority? I would love to hear your ideas!

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